Black Women-Owned Family Business, Nessfeli Natural Skincare®, LLC

Black women-owned family business, Nessfeli Natural Skincare®, LLC, is operated by Vanessa Howard Grissom and Felicia Michelle. The products and services provided include wellness, skincare, apparel, accessories, and more. The mompreneurs are very passionate about the representation of women of color in an industry that has not always allowed for us to be seen.

Women’s History Month is upon us! Who are some women in History whose legacy inspires you and why?

Felicia: The one and only Harriet Tubman. She embodied the true definition of wanting to see her people win. A natural-born leader committed to doing whatever it takes to escape adversity.

Vanessa: Madam CJ Walker for me! Like she was a boss! The ultimate entrepreneur, philanthropist, and political activist. First female millionaire whose products are still around today! Talk about inspiration!

Felicia Michelle

What do you think women of color need assistance with these days, and how can you help with your resources and services?

Felicia: Women of color could benefit from open conversations centered around knowing exactly what we’re putting on our skin and in our bodies. It is imperative that we become more knowledgeable about the BAD ingredients in some skincare products and the long-term effect.

Vanessa: Selfcare! We need to take better care of ourselves. Not just physically but mentally. We have so much on our shoulders. Taking some time to treat yourself to a nice facial/spa day at home can do wonders. I know I truly enjoy it after a long busy week.

Vanessa Howard Grissom

What information do you know now about being an entrepreneur that you didn’t know at first when you started out?

Felicia: It is perfectly ok to outsource if needed. When you truly enjoy what you do and are passionate about what you have to offer customers, success is inevitably to follow. So making sure that you’re carving out time for yourself is extremely important as an entrepreneur.

Vanessa: Piggybacking off of what Felicia said, yes it is true that it is important to make time for yourself. However, don’t be fooled into thinking as an entrepreneur your hours are 9–5 lol. You are constantly thinking, researching, learning. You want your business to thrive and excel so you’re constantly working on it. The difference is when it is your passion like Felicia said; it doesn’t feel like work.

What exciting future endeavors do you see for yourself and your company?

Felicia: Trade shows, perhaps circle of sisters.

Vanessa: Growth and expansion. Adding new products, doing more pop-up shops, and getting our products into spas.

Any exclusive breaking news you can share with us?

We’re releasing a new deep cleansing oil very soon! Stay tuned!

For those who are just becoming aware of your business and services, what would you like to say to them?

Felicia: If you’re looking for a black-owned luxury skincare line that is inclusive to all skin types NessFeli Natural skincare has you covered.

Vanessa: Yes! We take pride in our products and how they’re made. I don’t know if you remember the hair club commercial back in the day but I’m going to borrow his quote lol. We’re not only the owners of Nessfeli, we’re clients. We truly love our products.

Any shoutouts?

Felicia: Shoutout to all of our loyal #nessfelibabes customers. We truly appreciate your support and value your business.

Vanessa: Yes! Definitely a big shout out to everyone who has supported us thus far!


“You never stop learning as a business owner.”-Felicia

“Invest in your branding and marketing.”-Vanessa

Get connected:

Instagram @nessfeliskin

Facebook @Nessfeli Natural Skincare




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