Dr. Norma McLauchlin Advocates Forgiveness During Self Improvement Month

The month of September is Self Improvement and National Suicide Prevention Month. It’s moving to see the Owner of Chosen Pen Publishing, Dr. Norma McLauchlin advocate Forgiveness.

The Forgiveness Gala presented by Chosen Pen Publishing was an event that was close to her heart because it represented the celebration of moving forward in your life to more incredible milestones. Dr. Norma wanted people to come in their best because the forgiveness journey is the best thing you can do for your life, and it is a promise to yourself to only draw things closer to you that enrich and heal. She says that the people showed up, and they had a wonderful time.

At the event, a draft of a documentary was shown on the testimonies of women who have gone through a journey of forgiveness and come out on the other end restored. Dr. Norma tells us that the food was fabulous and meeting old and new friends allowed the attendees a great time.

It’s all about forgiveness, especially when it comes to mental health. Dr. Norma is on a roll with this theme and truly impacting lives, while healing so many people as well through her creative writing, her talk show, her events, and her speaking engagements. Dr. Norma encourages you to read her latest book The Forgiveness Game” because even the hardest things in our life’s journey can be forgiven.

During her recent interview with BIZBoost News, she was asked about some of her upcoming ventures:

What can you tell us about the upcoming Forgiveness Retreat?

Dr. Norma: It is an intense four days of focusing on the solution, not the problem. You know we can get bogged down in discussing what happened instead of what needs to happen now. Our retreat focuses on living beyond the hurt. We help you consider the life you want to lead and the road to getting there. The logistics of the retreat are magnificent. We host in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. How can you determine that your problems are too big when you look at a mountain? The world is vast, and we must embrace all of the journeys. I don’t know if I would be the person I am without the pain and the passions I have endured. The food is lovely; we have healthy selections and decadent, rich foods to please your palette. Here’s the most important part; we pray for you, individually, in a group, and before you even begin your journey to the retreat. Prayer changes things.

What else do you have in the works?

Dr. Norma: I’m headed to Africa. This is an exciting time to be me. I am being brave enough to do all the things in my heart God has given me to explore. In Africa will we attend local schools and their children, speak to locals and give a Ted X talk. I also have my Monday evening podcasts. And I have a writer’s cruise coming up. I’m glowing up.


Learn more here: https://traveljoy.com/bookings/eSEbuqMnc5jp7NmX1FN9P387

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Tammy Reese is an award winning actress and writer. She currently serves on the Communications Committee for New York Women In Film and Television.