International Designer Tyler Bailey Announces Launching a New Collection and New Ventures

Born and raised in the simple southern city of Mobile AL., Tyler Bailey is a face of fashion you want to stay connected with. With his brazen designs and ongoing celebrity clients, It is safe to say that Tyler Bailey has countless impressions in the fashion industry with his unique and imaginative style. Initially, the key aspect of the Tyler Bailey brand was the exclusiveness of giving each client their very own luxury experience. Today the brand is transforming into an affordable luxury lifestyle brand; and adding garments to the product offer. However, the bespoke aspect will continue to be offered to elite customers.

As a young captain in the merchant marines, the safest career route for Tyler would have been to continue a career at sea. However, inspired by the many cultures of each tour, his passion for design, and fashion, Tyler decided in 2010 to retire from his stable position at sea to pursue his dream of shoe designer. Family and friends attempted to dissuade him, but it fell on deaf ears as he moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue his passion of footwear design.

Tyler constructed his first women’s shoe in 2010, doing so without the benefit of a computer-program-aided design or even a back-of-a-receipt sketch.

Tyler realized that his dream was possible when he posted his first shoe on social media. The leopard print design received tremendous positive feedback, and his shoes have been spreading throughout the internet ever since. With a growing celebrity clientele, Tyler Bailey’s shoes have proven to be the brand for the fashion-forward woman and man who presides over notoriety.

Most shoes are made for walking, but Tyler Bailey’s shoes are designed to grab attention. Spotlighted by media maven, Karen Civil, Tyler Bailey is no stranger to media attention as he was recently chosen to do a Designer of the Day fashion segment on the OWN TV Tamron Hall Show.

Bailey’s custom-designed shoes have been seen on noted celebrities such as Wendy Williams, Tori Spelling, T-Pain, Yo Gotti, Kim Zolciak Biermann, Somaya Reece, and many more!

Now based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Tyler Bailey has always held an interest in fashion. Nonetheless, Bailey took a special interest in footwear. He explained that at the time of starting his company, there were not many versatile shoes and the shoe market was not competitive.

Shoes were created and designed by Mr. Bailey not only to grab one’s attention, but to tell a story. Tyler has traveled to various sectors of the world. Even past designs have been inspired by the pyramids and landscape of Egypt.

Today, Tyler is involved in many business ventures but his focus is his private label Tyler Bailey Collection, which is manufactured in luxury spanning from Italy to Los Angeles, CA. Through his brand, access to international and now domestic manufacturing, he is able to cater to his celebrity client roster as it continues to broaden. He is currently working on a capsule collection slated to release in Spring 2021.

Tyler’s newest project not only includes a new men and women collection, but Bailey also plans to bring the first black-owned manufacturing factory to Atlanta, GA this year. Tyler is continuing to build a legacy as an entrepreneur, joining black leaders in manufacturing and business that love paving the way for expansion and the birth of new brands. The factory will specialize in custom designs, pattern development, cutting, sewing, packaging, and global shipping.

Congratulations on your recent business developments. What impact do you intend to make in Atlanta and beyond?

Tyler Bailey: Thank you! The impact that I intend to make on Atlanta is to bring more awareness to Atlanta-based designers. Also to create manufacturing capabilities such as they have in New York or LA.

If you think about how Atlanta became a mecca for the music industry and how Tyler Perry brought the film industry here. I would love to have a hand in creating an official fashion district here as well.

What do you love most about being a part of the fashion industry?

Tyler Bailey: I love the power that fashion has. How a person can feel so much more confident by having on the right garment; or walk in the room differently because of the perfect pair of shoes. I love the feeling of being able to have a part in that confidence.

Describe your sense of style?

Tyler Bailey: My style is more royal. I like to say that I design to demand attention. However, over the years I have learned to turn it down if need be; and still keep the wow factor.

How has business been for you during the pandemic?

Tyler Bailey: It has made it harder for me to get anything in a timely manner. Sample time and production time has more than doubled. It is a bit frustrating. But it will all work out in God’s timing.

What else are you currently working on?

Tyler Bailey: I am currently working on putting together a garment factory. Like footwear was in the beginning; Garment design is new to me. But like footwear, I feel I have an eye for it from a design standpoint.

I have been blessed to have come across a group of highly skilled seamstresses that are willing to work for me and train others.

A group of 3 of them can make a high-quality hoodie in 4 minutes flat together. It’s a lot of parts that go into this process, but we should be up and running by the end of summer.

Who are some designers that inspire you?

Tyler Bailey: Designers that inspire me… I would have to say Olivier Rousteing for what he has done at Balmain. Love, love, love! Second, I would have to say, Jeremy Scott. He is super dope to me.

Please tell us about your experience as a Captain in the merchant marines?

Tyler Bailey: It was an experience that saved my life. I was sent off to school right after high school. If not, I would have been caught up in the streets like some of my friends and family members.

Getting my captain’s license was one of the proudest moments of my life because it made my dad so happy. He also recently retired as a merchant seaman; after 39 years. If you walk into his house right now today; He will take you straight to my Captain License hanging on his hall wall.

Then he will say, “Can you believe my son is a captain?!” The other great thing about going to sea is the experience of literally traveling around the world. I have been to so many countries and got to see places others have only read about or seen online. All of the different cultures and fashion trends.

Just unreal!

Got to love shoes right? Please tell us about the shoes you design and how do they make your clients feel?

Tyler Bailey: Yes that is very much true. As mentioned previously; my shoes are designed to demand attention. For that someone that has somewhere special to be; and wants to make a statement once they arrive.

They feel confident knowing that their shoes are beautiful and even more knowing that they are exclusive. Even though we are stepping away from bespoke footwear; I plan to hold on to that exclusivity, by doing limited production runs on many designs.

Any fashion trend tips for our readers?

Tyler Bailey: I am not big on trends. I just say do what makes your heart smile. Wear whatever gives you the confidence to command any room that you step into.

What is some advice you would have for the aspiring fashion designers out there?

Tyler Bailey: Follow your heart, trust your gut, and very importantly…. stay consistent.

What do you want your legacy to look like?

Tyler Bailey: I want my legacy to be known as someone that gave his all, doing what he loved, to inspire others to do what they love.

visit to inquire about custom orders. Follow Tyler Bailey on Twitter @itstylerbailey and Instagram: @shoedesigner



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