Interview With Author of “Cooking with Soul To Table” and “Soul To Table Soup”, Shaquin Thomas

Author of “Cooking with Soul To Table” and “Soul To Table Soup”, Shaquin Thomas is the owner of Soul To Table Catering based in McDonough, GA. Shaquin offers private chef services and also has a line of seasoning blends available in-store and online. Her books are now available for purchase on Amazon.

More products such as sweatshirts, kitchen cookware, an herbal immunity tea, and more are available on her website at

Shaquin thrives to make an impact in the lives of people through food that she makes from her soul, time spent, and service to help better her community.

You are known as one of the most sought caterers in your industry. Please tell us about your childhood. Did you learn about cooking at a young age? When did your passion begin for Culinary Arts?

Shaquin: If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I learned to cook as a child, I’d almost be rich. My childhood was spent reading books, shucking corn, and catching fireflies in the dirty south. I never thought about cooking. Once I was babysitting while in college. I didn’t have a car so I had to cook what was in the pantry. I made my first pot of dried black eyed peas and it was delicious. Shortly thereafter I started having kids and realized we all had to eat. It happened to be good and the passion for GOOD FOOD started.

What was your process in the beginning of your career to master your skills?

Shaquin: I never attended culinary arts school so I am completely self-taught. I remember the first time someone asked me to carve a watermelon to make a fruit basket. I bought two watermelons and a magic marker. I got it right on the second attempt and have been carving fruit ever since.

Soul To Table Catering is such a warm and intriguing name for your company. How does your soul feel when you are catering to your clients?

Shaquin: I love to cook so most times that part of the job doesn’t feel like work. While I am cooking and creating dishes, I rummage through my photographic memory of various spices and textures. I truly cook from within my soul and it’s such a liberating experience!

When you first obtain a client, what are some questions you would ask them to cater for their event?

Shaquin: I generally ask the client if there is a specific theme or if they have any favorite foods. Once they have looked at the abundance of food pics on my website, they have a long list of items they want to taste!

What is your favorite food to eat and to cook and why?

Shaquin: Don’t judge me but my absolute favorite food to eat is Lima Beans. I don’t care where I am; if it’s on the menu, I’m definitely ordering Lima beans. My favorite food to cook is pot roast with potatoes and carrots. I add onions and celery for a little razzle dazzle. It’s my favorite because all the ingredients cooked together make a delicious hearty meal!

Any exclusive news you would like to share with us at this time?

Shaquin: My goal has always been to be a blessing to someone on a daily basis. I am working on creating something similar to a soup kitchen. I would love to have a nonprofit kitchen in which I could serve the community, veterans, first responders, and police officers free of charge on a regular basis.

What else would you like our readers to know?

Shaquin: I would love the readers to know that I am currently working on my new cookbook or as I’ve affectionately termed it- a recipe Bible so to speak. It should be completed in time for the holiday season!

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