Interview with Visionary, Boss Mom, and Culinary Pioneer, Chyna Love

Chyna Love, owner of Bad Gyal Vegan has really changed the game forever in the culinary arts world. She recently opened a flagship location in Marietta Square Market with 3 additional locations coming by Spring 2023.

Opening this first flagship location has been a huge undertaking and major labor of love for Chyna. She’s built something from scratch and seen it come to life. Some days she thought to herself it just was never going to happen and at times she wanted to just give up but Chyna fought and prayed and now it’s all happening for her.

Expanding rapidly and giving communities the opportunities to franchise her business model and bringing Bad Gyal Vegan to major cities across the country.

We understand that Bad Gyal Vegan is Home of the world’s first VEGAN OXTAIL (Voxtail). What are some other highly recommended dishes at B.A.D Gyal Vegan and why?

Chyna Love: We have a motto- “It’s not just good Vegan food, it’s GOOD FOOD PERIOD”. So with that being said, it’s all good! But some crowd faves are our Yankee Jerk Burgers, our Award-Winning Trophy Cabbage, and our insanely good Mac and Jeeze.

Franchising and Investing can be scary for entrepreneurs. How has this journey been for you?

Chyna Love: After successfully opening our flagship location in Marietta, GA in May, we recently launched our Franchise Opportunities and have a goal of 3 new locations by Spring 2023. It’s always a bit scary seeing your vision grow legs and run- but it feels amazing! I went from having this vision in a homeless shelter in 2014, to selling plates out of my Brooklyn apartment in 2019, to it becoming a multimillion-dollar business, so now allowing other people to fulfill their dreams of entrepreneurship through the Bad Gyal Vegan Vision is incredible!

Miss Mac Burger

What sparked your passion to be a support for displaced LBGTQ youth?

Chyna Love: We were serving food out of a location on the West Side of Atlanta and had the opportunity to donate to the Free99 fridge- a chain of free food fridges throughout Atlanta. They were super impressed with our food and referred us to Feed + Support. Feed + Support provides sustainable plant-based food accessibility to under-served communities and happened to have a partnership with LostNFound. LostNFound provides housing for Youth that has been displaced after coming out of the closet. As a troubled youth, I knew the struggle of feeling alone and finding my identity. BGV stands in solidarity with the entire LBGTQ community and will continue to support in anyway we can!

What impact do you want to make in the lives of the customers you service daily?

Chyna Love: We want to be the staple reminder that Vegan food can be filled with love, flavor, and CULTURE! Traditionally Jamaican food is known for all of the above and we’ve been able to build a seamless bridge between my heritage and sustainable plant-based offerings.

What else would you like for our readers to know about you and the work that you do?

Chyna Love: BAD is an acronym for Blessed, Ambitious, and Determined. It’s our mantra, it’s how we succeed and it’s what we believe in! We’re excited to continue to expand and bless the world with the BAD Gyal Experience!

Yankee Jerk Burger™️

Get connected and learn more by visiting @BADGyalVegan



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