Jeremy Tuck Fed 60,000 People During The Pandemic And Grew The Membership To Economic Empowerment Of 120 Entrepreneurs

Pastor Jeremy Tuck

Pastor Jeremy Tuck has taken his ministry to the next level. Not only has Tuck served 60,000 families during the pandemic, but he has also managed to boost his church’s membership of 5 entrepreneurs to 120 entrepreneurs. However Pastor Jeremy did not stop there, he was blessed enough to be a blessing to one of his church’s most faithful parishioners. The church member was given a fully furnished house, the deed to that house, and she also received repayment of 15 years of tithes. Because of Pastor Tuck’s relatability and success with the younger generation, many congregations have sought Pastor Tuck’s advice on how to reach out to millennials. Due to the numerous requests, Pastor Jeremy Tuck decided to share his knowledge in his book named “Leading the Millennial Church”. Pastor Tuck’s purpose is to teach his congregation how to pass on true generational wealth and educate the community on innovative family-building strategies.

Why is it important for you to teach your community about generational wealth?

Teaching my community about generational wealth is one of the many things I feel I was born to do on this earth. The African American community has continued to have several disparities related to single-parent homes, the incarceration of our black men, and within health care. With my life and influence, I want to help make a change within our community so that future generations will have the knowledge and tools that were not available to our ancestors.

We would love to know more about your process of boosting your church’s membership of 5 entrepreneurs to 120 entrepreneurs. Please tell us about that.

The Idea stemmed from a message about marketplace ministry and the importance of entrepreneurs being needed in the body of Christ. Each week I began to preach on Kingdom principles and the importance of creating income streams. We began to host meetings for interested congregants who wanted to leave their 9–5 and start a business. We began to provide the basic steps to starting a business. From there, an army of business owners began to evolve.

You have fed over 60,000 people during the pandemic; that is Godly work. Thanks for all you do. In what other ways have you made an impact in your community?

We have several programs that assist the local community. I have an immense love for our therapy and counseling services. We have licensed therapists and counselors who render sessions for people who have been affected by the pandemic. We continue to participate in the keep Clayton clean initiatives, where our teens and young adults participate in ensuring their community is clean. These are just a few programs in which we execute in the community.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Seeing people’s lives change right before my eyes. You watch them start hopeless and leave hopeful with dreams, creativity, and a second wind.

What’s next for you?

Currently, I am creating an exclusive club for future entrepreneurs to help them generate income streams that will help them launch their business and help secure capital for their projects. I’m also working on a senior housing facility dedicated to allowing seniors to live and thrive in the place of their choosing as they age. Our facility will also offer services of support that may be needed as their needs change as they age.

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

For the year 2022, I’m looking forward to creating and birthing history makers, dreamers, and visionaries who will leave an impact on the world for years to come.

Pastor Jeremy Tuck

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