Meet Tyaire Fassett

Tyaire Fassett ( Creator and Writer of OG Bettie)

Tyaire Fassett, a Wilmington Delaware native has a passion for comedy, music, acting, and entertainment. Having the drive for the entertainment industry since the age of 6, now at 23 is building his brand with his diverse range of creative talents to reach the likeness of Tyler Perry, Khia, Nicki Minaj who he aspires to work with one day. Coming from a background of once being homeless and living in his car like Mr. Perry who is Tyaire’s idol, that goal is certainly tangible. Especially now as a resident of Atlanta. Tyaire wants to be friends with the Kardashians and wants all of his hard work to pay off to become that Alister.

Tyaire’s experience as a background actor in popular TV series such as “Star” and “The Haves and the Have Nots” sparked Tyaire to create the character OG Bettie which he introduced to social media as he brings his talents to the world and breaks into the industry.

OG Bettie is very outspoken, colorful, and animated. Her persona was taken from Tyaire’s grandmother Barbara who also is very outspoken but has lots of wisdom too. The goal is to have Bettie not looked at as a character but to be respected as a person.

Tyaire is gaining much attention from OG Bettie with much more to come. He is also known for a viral publicity stunt, strategically planned after noticing his social media handles weren’t getting attention due to no negativity or drama being posted. He once went missing for a week and his social media following grew rapidly due to the outpour of concern for his well-being. Fine and well Tyaire was and with more people supporting his music and Bettie.

Check out OG Bettie and the music below

Tammy Reese: What inspired you to get into the entertainment industry?

Tyaire Fassett: My grandmother put me in front of the TV at a young age. I grew up watching Tyler Perry. When I saw Madea for the first time I just fell in love and knew that I had to do something creative with Tyler.

I always wanted to be an entertainer because I always knew that I had something to offer. Also, my dad was an entertainer so I come from a musical background.

Tammy Reese: Please tell us about the publicity stunt?

Tyaire Fassett: I deal with a lot of nosey older folks who follow my social media account, along with kids who follow me on Tik Toc. When I first came to social media I had a lot of positive things going on in my life. People didn’t support me because I didn’t have any drama going on. I decided to perform a publicity stunt to see what results I would get from my social media following and insights.

I went to my Dad asking for his help with the stunt, he didn’t want anything to do with social media. I wanted my dad to tell my social media following that I went missing for about a week. That was hard for my dad. I did the stunt and went from 500 followers to 10k plus followers on Instagram. It made me realize that people want to see you fail. They don’t want to see your accomplishments. It’s been over a year now and people still are asking me about it though I know a lot of them were truly concerned. By them being concerned they began to support me a lot more.

The stunt was me making a point and I began to put my music out there to market this strategic plan. Social media is all about marketing. People want to see the reality of a person too. They don’t just want to see the fake stuff. This is why I want to present Bettie as a person so she can be taken more serious.

Tammy Reese: Tell us more about Bettie?

Tyaire Fassett: Other than being outspoken and from Delaware but living in Atlanta, she is on social media looking a mess but has so much confidence. With the ratchetness of Bettie, I want the audience to have confidence too. I want to mentor these young men and women and teach them to get jobs, create jobs, and be who they are. I want to also teach them to give respect the way that they want to get it in return.

I use to do door-to-door sales back in the day and I was never afraid to ask someone how did they get to a certain lifestyle because I want to be like them someday. I didn’t come from living in the big homes like the people I did sales for. I am always willing to grow, learn, and put myself out there.

I want to be versatile with my talents and don’t mind putting my face out there for advertising but I want to be recognized as the writer and creator of OG Bettie.

She has the potential of being a TV show product. Bettie is going to be the door opener for me in this industry, for my family, and for everyone who believes in Bettie.

I try to not explain OG Bettie entirely because I rather let the audience be the judge of her. Some people are very opinionated about her and turn up on me. When they turn up on me OG Bettie comes through on them.

As Bettie gets more known, people will respect her and stop stealing my jokes. I have taken this big step for my brand by creating Bettie.

I am not doing what I do just for me. I am doing this for my grandmother, my siblings, and the rest of my family. I live for my grandmother, my brothers, and my sisters. It’s for us. It not always easy but I was always taught to speak my truth. I am being myself and I love what I do.

OG Bettie created by Tyaire Fassett

Check out more OG Bettie videos on YouTube

Keep up-to-date with OG Bettie by connecting on Instagram @og.bettie




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