Writer Spotlight: Samira Randolph

Samira Randolph

Through the midst of a turbulent upbringing, Samira Randolph has managed to keep her head above waters remaining God-fearing, and humble. At a young age, she experienced molestation and abuse at the hands of her own father. This was the turning point in her life and the tip of the iceberg for future traumas to come. With a heart etched in steel, she fought her way through foster care, drug-addicted parents, teen pregnancy, single parenthood, and the foster care system. Through it all, she remained focused and ever more determined to accomplish her life’s dreams, which were to sing, act and write. Her first debut album “My Journey My Story” is soon to be released this summer and will feature hits such as Hallelujah and They Don’t Love You Like I Do.

Samira takes you step by step on a journey through her life from the eyes and heart of an innocent child lost that morphed into the strong woman you see today. Samira never allowed her hurdles to break her, instead, she is using those trials as learning experiences which ultimately lead her into philanthropy work as a child advocate and becoming a foster mother to neighboring run-away teens. This gave her the community title of “Mama”. Samira has raised many children not biological to her and with no financial rewards. Everything she does is from her heart.

Samira has worked with local agencies within her community such as Children and Youth family services to help end systemic issues within these programs that often create dysfunction in the home instead of bridging the gap between parent and child social relationships that often have failed merely due to the rising crave of social media. Samira is a woman of faith and character that has been lost within man for a very long time. Seemingly prophetic in her songs, novels, and poetry, Samira has a voice with a purpose that did not allow her obstacles in life to become her final testimony.

Samira was originally born in Los Angeles, CA, but at the tender age of 2 she and her two older siblings relocated to Chattanooga, TN with their mother and father the late Butch Cornell Jr. Butch Cornell Jr. was a famous Jazz Musician from the South; he was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN. Butch played with many great jazz musicians such as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Stanley Turentine, Duke Ellington, Plas Johnson, and more. Many of these individuals Samira grew up calling Uncle Plas, never knowing the extraordinary people she was surrounded by growing up.

Her father Founded the Friends of Jazz a local blues festival still held today in Chattanooga, TN. Chiki Productions was the first music label her father started in 1985. Surrounded by music royalty and the music industry is what gave Samira her immediate love for music and the arts. Samira watched her father perform at countless showcases, and concerts around the United States. Watching her father network and seeing all the fans adore her dad; she knew as early as the age of 5 that she wanted to be a STAR. Growing up Samira would vocally train herself to sing by mimicked great artists such as Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Anita Baker, and Patti Austin, giving herself the ability to sing like anyone. She often called herself the female “Ray Charles”

At the age of 9, Samira blew her 4th-grade teachers away at a school talent show, with her rendition of “Caught Up In The Rapture Of Love, by Anita Baker. Not only is Samira a multi-talent, but she is also a breath of fresh air to the entertainment industry. Her voice brings forth purpose and truth to social issues through song, scripts, and novels. Her lyrics in many ways symbolize truth and wisdom beyond her years. When you listen to her you will want to dive deeper into Samira’s world because each song tells a story.

After her horrific experience within the foster care system Samira’s parents eventually split forcing her to have to relocate to unfamiliar territory; Harrisburg, PA. Still struggling with a mother addicted to crack cocaine Samira quickly grew up and adapted to her surroundings. Samira details her life during this time in a 5-part documentary series about her life entitled SAM. This film is available for viewing on YouTube at https://youtube.com/channel/UC1Gm8fH5YShLNc8rM4vViJQ . Be sure to subscribe to her channel for new music and projects.

Under an immense amount of stress, Samira discovered she was pregnant during her senior year of high school. Determined to not be a statistic Samira withdrew herself from school, got her GED, and traded it in for her high school diploma, and at 17 she was ever more determined than anything to succeed. She began to make a name for herself by collaborating with several indie artists on the northeast coast. Samira won 2nd place in the East Coast Sundays Best Competition in Steelton, PA, hosted by Valerie Lynn. Samira traveled near and far auditioning for shows such as; The Voice, American Idol, Broadway, and Hamilton.

Samira’s first on-stage break was a vocalist performing with a blues cast in a musical play entitled “The Tear Jar”, written & produced by Jerry Mussuer. Samira is featured on the explosive Soundtrack “Don’t Blame Me”, a novel written by Jonathan Z. Queen. Samira wrote and recorded two of these soundtracks songs entitled Little Carol-Anne, and 3Some. Today, Samira has written and released many of her own novels which are all available on Amazon and CreateASpace. She recently released her latest novel entitled “Burn Out” its available on Amazon.com and CreataASpace.com. https://www.amazon.com/Burn-Out-price-greater-reward/dp/1530063108/ref=nodl_

She has worked with other local artists on film projects that are currently in the works and she co-wrote novels entitled David 2, Alcoholic Bruce, Claudette The Heart of the Streetz, and Katya Rise of a Sex Slave.

Samira continues to write scripts, stage plays, and work within her community, promoting shows and showcases that highlight other local talents. Samira was blessed with the opportunity to produce one music score for the smash Web Series Detective Miles Handy written and produced by Daniel Fordham; of Fordham Films. Samira is a featured singer/songwriter on the soundtrack of Our Boys a Netflix documentary film by Eli Greene of Eli Greene Films. She wrote and recorded the smash hit “A Mother’s Cry”. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/DkDQSjSBa8SLMF6Z6

Samira not only strives to be a worldwide superstar she has started her own online dating service called links2loveonline, an online service geared towards inmates finding love. https://links2loveonline.wixsite.com/links2loveonline. Through this service and with everything Samira witnessed and experienced as a child she desired to do more for others that were less fortunate so she started a foundation called Apiphanee’s House which is a teen runaway shelter- halfway housing for parolees. Offering housing to teens in distress Samira is able to act as in ventricle role model to help get lost youth on the right path. Mental health is a largely growing issue within the Black community that is often shammed and viewed as unspoken hocus pocus but the fact remains Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, PTSD, and anxiety is real. Instead of hiding those feelings or be ashamed Samira enjoys working with others to help them use their artistic abilities to express their deepest emotions. In a way, she’s created her own musical healing process for the soul.

Please watch Samira’s documentary film SAM, as learn of the many tragedies she experienced throughout her life you will not only grow to love her more but you will develop a deeper respect and understanding for her fight to simply be great. She is a mother, wife, innovator, and truly one of a kind! Last year Samira started her own record label with partner Gale “Big Guy” Green called Hustlers Hope Entertainment. Through her company, she plans to release small trailer films of her written novels and other small PSAs films. This summer be sure to look for her new cookbook entitled CellBlock Culinary which features delicious elegant meals made strictly from the inmate commissary list. The town-talk surrounding her yummy delights such as the “Chi-Chi, Crackhead Casserole, and Smashie” has morphed into a full-blown cooking show currently in the works this Fall in 2022.

When it comes to who inspires this phenomenal woman, Samira will tell you many people good and bad have inspired her; to either be or not be more like that person. Collectively each experience made her into the woman she is today. Many of her greatest idols are Master P, Barrack, and Michelle Obama, Prince, Kandi Burruss from her favorite RnB group grouping up, Xscape, and horror novel writer Stephen King. Check out all her links below, and enjoy learning more about Samira a rising star, striving for God’s glory.

Samira is?

Samira: Passionate about people. When your helping and supporting others it brings greater meaning to life as well as internal peace within. You won’t ever get that type of satisfaction with self-absorbency.

Samira Randolph

Samira loves?

Samira: Her family. They are not perfect but they are perfect for me.

What’s your definition of success?

Samira: Retiring before 50, enjoying life to the fullest. Being able to get up and go whenever you want, obtain whatever you want all while being able to share in that success with others whether it be monetary or inspirational.

In what ways do you make a difference in the world?

Samira: I oftentimes have gotten hurt and used in this process but whenever I called myself trying to save the world and would take in friends or families children due to unforeseen circumstances I always prided myself on treating that child as my own and giving them wisdom and gems that they can carry with them for a lifetime.

Sometimes I may not understand it or get through to everyone but God understands and does things on his time and in the “right time” all those whose lives I touched from the smallest of deeds to the largest ones will see what Ms. Sam was attempting to teach/show them all along.

What do you love most about yourself?

Samira: My ability to forgive. You would think with all I been through I would be hella cold and evil but I’m really quiet, calm, and humble. But don’t tempt me, cause I ain’t no easy win nicca lmao I forget who said that in a movie

Who are some people who have been vital during your career?

Samira: I didn’t have a lot of great role models growing up. I'm a watcher. I watch people and learned to take away the good and bad parts of people and applied them to my own life, I do have idols, people I really look up to and those are your people like Ava, the film writer, and director of the Central Park 5. I admire great thinkers and innovative people.

What are you currently working on?

Samira: I am currently working on a script to pitch my cooking show to multiple networks. Cell Block Culinarily s a cookbook I created of your everyday delicious meals made from common snacks, and food provided on the prison commissary list only.

Supplies are limited in prison so to have cooking competitions on my cook-show where we’re preparing a five-course thanksgiving dinner with turkey in a can, peas in a can, etc it’s going to be fun to use uncommon products like crushed hot Cheetos to show viewers how to make a tortilla shell for Lava Tacos. My recipe book is finished it’s now trying to create a fun show that will draw in viewers which brings forth book sales.

How has the pandemic been treating you?

Samira: I actually am a nurse in my real weekly day job. I haven’t had a chance to relax or enjoy the break everyone has had the opportunity to partake in. I don’t know what a day off looks like. Haven’t been off in months.

What are you looking forward to?

Samira: The future. My oldest son recently had a baby, I’m a new grandmother and she brings me so much joy. We’re helping raise his fiancée's two-year-old son but he’s equally my Lil man. I love them to infinity and look forward to them growing up.

How do you see yourself in five years?

Samira: In five years I see myself having my teen runaway shelter up and running, having my own nursing agency, and planning to live a peaceful quiet life in a nice home off of the lake.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

Samira: That I’m just like anyone else. I fight hard for what is right but I love harder. I have a big heart. Please go to YouTube and subscribe to my channel Samira Randolph and watch my documentary film SAM. GOD BLESS!

Keep up-to-date with Samira by connecting on Instagram @samira4everblessed



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