Introducing VisionBanker: An App for Taking Care of People’s Sight

VisionBanker is a universal app for storing and forecasting people’s eyesight data. Aside from giving recommendations to users on how to improve their eyesight, the app also informs the user when to get an eye check-up.

According to Statistica data, 50 per cent of the population is wearing glasses. Most people are not usually aware when their eyesight has changed, and they only visit a doctor when the need for eyeglasses becomes obvious.

There are a couple of reasons why:

• People don’t usually check their eyesight with an optician.

• People don’t know how to change their behaviour to improve their eyesight.

• Even if tested with a doctor, the patient’s vision record is not stored digitally and is not available for his next check-up with another optician.

The VisionBanker solution

Since eyesight is one of our primary senses, poor management of it will lead to significant difficulties in how we go with our daily lives. VisionBanker offers a Specialized App that securely stores an individual’s eyesight data on the blockchain. The app also provides a forecast of the eyesight dynamics with age, as well as daily advice on how to change behaviour to enhance eyes health and personalized eyewear options.

Benefits of the VisionBanker Specialized App:

• Significant growth in a person’s eyesight visibility and transparency that enables you to take measures for prevention.

• An individual can monitor the changes in their eyesight concerning their diet and lifestyle.

• Eyesight records are useful for opticians, insurance companies, and public authorities.

The VBK token

Along with the Specialized App, VisionBanker also has its native token, the VBK token. The coin is issued on Ethereum platform and is ERC-20 compliant. The VBK token can be used along with the app to redeem the subscription fee.

With a global eyewear market size worth of more than $117 billion and is expected to reach 182 billion by 2023, VisionBanker aims to be a global trusted authority in eye data in the next several years.

Participate in VisionBanker ICO

VisionBanker ICO has commenced — the on-going pre-sale offering a 40% bonus will end when all tokens allocated have been fully subscribed. Click here to join the pre-sale.

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Our goal is to build a specialized App for helping millions of people to improve their vision.

Vision Banker

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An app for taking care of people’s eyesight


Our goal is to build a specialized App for helping millions of people to improve their vision.

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