VisionBanker to Make Eye Care Cool Again

At present, glasses marketed online are limited to sunglasses and premade glasses because it’s hard to order prescription glasses online due to size and fit. Ideally, custom made eyeglasses need to be tried and fitted before final purchase.

VisionBanker came up with a solution to this problem by introducing Virtual Try-On (VTO). VTO enables users to see themselves in eyewear at 180° angles. With this app, users don’t need to go to a physical store to try new glasses. Their phone camera can act as a “virtual mirror.” Using facial recognition technology, it scans, detects, and analyzes the user’s face and get relevant facial data. The system would recommend suitable frames bases on the analysis.

The core technology behind VTO is facial recognition. Based on the person’s facial contours, the app will suggest compatible eyewear.

How does VTO work:

  • The user turns on the phone camera, capturing a picture of the user’s face from a photo or video
    • Facial recognition system analyses the geometry of the user’s face. Key features of the face include the distance between the user’s eyes and the distance from forehead to chin.
    • These facial landmarks are crucial to distinguish the user’s face
    • Based on the recognized facial shape, together with the user preferences data, the system will recommend the most suitable frame
    • The system also lists out brands and optic stores offering the recommended frame. User can save time in looking for stores offering the product.

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Our goal is to build a specialized App for helping millions of people to improve their vision.

Vision Banker

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An app for taking care of people’s eyesight


Our goal is to build a specialized App for helping millions of people to improve their vision.

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