Social Media and HR: 5 key points you should remember

1. Building a strategy
 Statistics shows that a lot of recruiters/HR specialists are only planning to use social media in recruitment process, however at the same time there are companies, which use social media in order to find new candidate. Real HR professional is aware of new trends and that SM is an additional tool and HR channel.
 Please keep in mind that it is not only employer who is checking social network profiles of candidates, but also candidates who make research on companies and check the internet profiles of companies, feedback, comments opinions etc. Employer online reputation is as much important as its job offers for each candidate.
 2. Publish something else than just job offers
 One of the worst things you can do is make you social media profile a job offer list. There are special web portals for that purpose, and the goal of social profile: sharing knowledge, information communication with people.
 Content means a lot in each area of business, so it is in Human Resources. That is why please do not post in every next 15 min commercial info about products and services your company offers.
 3. Communicate
 Not replying on your messages from potential candidates is not the best approach for building trust on the market. If you have already made a decision to create a profile in social media network, keep in mind that its main goal is communication, networking and discussions. Leaving candidates messages & questions without any reply is as bad as ignoring your customers’ needs. Yes, exactly you got the point, treat your candidates as like they were your clients: share information, reply on messages and support.
 People are using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in order to get as much information as they can about the company they apply for work, by asking questions. So don’t forget the rule of „24–48 hours answer”.
 4. Fresh blood is not the only thing which matters
 Social media is useful not only for reaching new employees, but also to involve existing employees into discussions, sharing ideas and feedback. However often recruiters ignore that factor and devote social media channel only to upcoming candidates, forgetting about employees who already work for company good.
 Communication and useful information are key factors for creating a good content and relationship with people online. This helps to reach the audience and get more positive feedback regarding your place of work. Remember that employees’ opinion is the best for your company!
 5. It is never too late to learn new things
 As was mentioned before, when you are running any social media campaign, content matters a lot for your audience. That is why sharing knowledge is one of the best sources of information and content for you page.
 You can always share your thoughts and experience in articles or FB post, which will be useful in order to support online social connection in organization: ask questions, do the brainstorming and keep the bright spirit of your employees.