What Happened to Remembering Everything?

‘How many times do I have to remind you to take out the trash?!’ This is one of the most common reminders people hear throughout their entire lives. As a kid, your parents tell you time and time again to take out the trash, then in college your roommates, then your significant other (and that never ends). I walk down the street and hear people talking to Siri ‘Remind me to….’, talking on the phone saying ‘Ok remind me Tuesday’ and more. No matter how good of a memory we have, how many times do we write things down or try and think of everything we need to do. The fact is that we always need a little reminder. And what happens when the person that needs to remind you forgets?

Why do we need reminders? Why can’t we always just remember what needs to be done and when? The answer is simple: people just have too much going on in their lives, the day moves by so fast and people forget the little things. Heck, some people forget to eat ice cream every day! Most people don’t want to admit they will forget to do something and don’t set a reminder in the first place. They’re just lying to themselves…no one remembers to do everything.

On Tuesday morning you’re reminded to take the trash out tonight but you don’t set a reminder because you don’t forget to do anything! Then the next morning you wake up to the trash guys and your first thought is ‘ahhhhh I forgot! (In different words)’. Then you have to think of an excuse to tell your parents, friends or significant other. And who wants to hear that there will be piles of trash in the garage for another week? Not your significant other who has to smell that every day or your parents who are trying to fit both of their cars in the garage. How do we not forget? You set a reminder. Then when 5:45PM hits, your phone makes the all too common buzz and you always look at your phone when it buzzes and it tells you that you need to take out the trash. Then you do it and everyone is happy. Hey, you may even get ice cream after for doing such a good job.

Many people keep their reminders separate from their to-do list or tasks. For instance, they will put that they need to take the trash out in their to-do list, and then set a reminder using Siri or some other type of personal assistant. But what if you forget or Siri interprets something wrong? No ice cream for you.

Setting a Reminder In Vista List

One great way to remember to do something and create a sense of urgency is by using countdowns (which are amazing by the way). This is where Vista List shines. Vista List not only creates a countdown based on your due date and time, it also gives you the option to add a reminder as you are adding to the task. It reminds you to add a reminder. Then, Vista List will notify you that your task or project is getting close to the end or whenever you set the reminder for. The default is for 1 hour before the project or task is due, but it can be easily changed. Have a repeating task like ‘Take out the trash every Tuesday’? Vista List lets you do that too. Set it once, forget about it and Vista List will do the rest of the work. Now set your reminder to take out the trash, sign-up for Vista List Beta, available now and go have that ice cream.