No Ice Cream For You

The great thing about being a co-creator of a product and blogging is that you can blog about whatever you want and no one can be mad at you! I have a rather large love with ice cream. I eat pretty healthy and workout on a daily basis, but I can never say no to ice cream. I don’t care if it is the value type or the high end, I just love eating ice cream. There is just a sense of satisfaction about eating it. But, I only eat it when I have accomplished something. It doesn’t have to be anything big. For instance, if I completed all my tasks on my to-do list for the day, I reward myself. Ice cream for me. So I treat ice cream as a reward for getting things done.

This is where the theme of ‘No Ice Cream For You’ comes in. Ice cream was a reward for me growing up as I am sure it was for most children. You got good grades, you helped your mom clean the house, you cleaned up the yard with your dad. Reward: Ice Cream. Now, as adults we still want ice cream and yes we are adults so we can get ice cream whenever we want, but the satisfaction of eating ice cream as a reward is so great. Who likes eating ice cream when they didn’t take out the trash?

Follow the Vista List way by getting things done using countdowns and tell the people who don’t use Vista List and don’t get things done ‘No ice cream for you’. Vista List is a to-do list that creates a sense of urgency to complete tasks and projects by using countdowns instead of traditional due dates. If you are overdue on the task, it turns red to warn you that you didn’t complete your task on time. No ice cream for you.

Vista List Overview Screen