5 Most Haunted Places in India

Nowadays people have begun to revel in the scary. We thrive on the latest horror flicks and haunted ‘houses’ have begun to spurt up all over the city. We have Halloween parties and we relish visiting places which are rumored to host the supernatural. Maybe it’s the fascination with the departed or the thrill of the unknown but the fact stays that haunted dwellings are fun to visit and their eeriness makes them a popular destination for breaks.

If you feel like hopping on the scary train and indulging in some bloodcurdling action, these are 5 of the most haunted places in India for you to check out:

  1. Bhangarh, Rajasthan:

Famed as the town on which a dark magician cast a spell of doom, Bhangarh hosts a record number of paranormal enthusiasts each year. Situated near a forest, this place is closed to visitors after dark due the danger considered to lurk in its streets after sunset. The gloomy roads grow absolutely deserted after nightfall and reports of uncanny phenomenon abound.

  1. Mahim, Mumbai:

Owing to the infamously haunted D’Souza chawl where a woman met a torturous death by drowning in a well, Mahim is considered the most sinister place in all of Mumbai. Eye-witness accounts of seeing a spirit are common here and you and your friends might even end up a witness to the eerie.

  1. Bengal Swamps, West Bengal:
Bengal Swamps

For years, fishermen have reported seeing peculiar lights while returning home in the dark. Many corpses have washed ashore for which the locals hold the lights responsible. They say that it’s the luminous spirits of dead fishermen which try to lead the living astray and cause their demise. For the ghost seekers, a boat ride here might be an interesting experience.

  1. Sanjay Van, New Delhi:
Sanjay van

This area surrounded by a forest with a lush, murky canopy is touted as the home to spirits from a nearby cemetery. Most of the ‘lady in white’ stories of India have originated here, so do pay a visit if you need some fodder for your nightmares.

  1. Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie:
hotel last

The Savoy hotel is on ‘Most Haunted’ lists not only in India, but the world. This hotel is the very place responsible for Agatha Christie’s inspiration for her bestseller — The Mysterious Affair at Styles. A lady, Garnet Orme was found dead in a bathtub here under mysterious circumstances and visitors and hotel employees assert that she still resides here.

Some might take the stories behind these places as warnings to stay away, but if you and your gang take them as a challenge, you might just end up with experiences which make for stories you tell throughout your lives.

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