5 Places Every Girl Should Visit With Her Gang while She’s Single

A single girl in the city always needs to keep in touch with the latest trends in fashion, make-up, magazines, hobbies… everything really. And while trends come and go — friendships never seem to go out of style when you are young.

But as life goes on, dreams change, people move away, and friends begin to drift apart. You go from meeting up every day, to catching up every few years.

So girls, why not make some exciting memories with the ones you are going to have the most sensational, challenging and significant relationships with — your gal pals. These are the memories you will keep, cherish and reminisce about when you are old and grey.

Here are 5 absolutely fabulous places every single girl and her gang must travel to:

  1. Goa — For the Beach Break

Goa is always in full-on party mode and it is the young people who have the most fun here with the swimming, dancing, karaoke and drinking. Sip martinis in your LBDs at any of the North Goa night clubs open well past midnight and carry your bikinis for a dip at any of the amazing beaches. Go shopping with the girls, try seafood, visit the churches during daytime, and if you manage to time your visit with the December Sunburn festival you are surely in for a treat.

  1. Jaipur — For the Cultural Extravaganza

When your clique is in a mood to enjoy some time exploring and immersing themselves in history, Jaipur’s well preserved relics from the past make it the best place to go to. This colorful city will provide you something much more stimulating than the cocktails you will get at bars — it is like a sip of the cocktail of tradition, spellbinding monuments, and bazaars crammed with unusual goodies to discover.

  1. Mumbai — for the Chick Fiesta

Mumbai has something for everyone to do. The foodies can try the amazing street food, the fashionistas can visit the trendy markets in Colaba or Bandra, the Bollywood junkies can view the stars’ houses, and the thrill seekers can try rafting, kayaking, or rappelling. Drive to the seafronts and gorge and gossip all day, and then enjoy the extreme nightlife of this city which never sleeps.

  1. Coorg — for the Spa Holiday

After going through a tough break-up instead of binge-eating junk food, travel with your girls to Coorg. Renowned for its healing Ayurveda spas and resorts, give yourself a chance to do some recovery, contemplate, and revitalize yourself. After spending a few days in solace, you will leave Coorg much calmer, and happier.

  1. Dharamshala — for the Trek Vacay

When you are looking for some spirituality, choose to vacation in Dharamshala. The city has a unique, transcendent quality with its monasteries, stupas, and temples. You can get your adrenaline pumping with the tough treks, and then cozily sit and talk in front of the fire and relax.

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