Best Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Are a Traveller

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What good is travelling the world if you can’t find a way to share your experiences with others? Instagram, at your rescue! While the application helps one share their voyage stories, it also inspires other travellers in making. Checking into travel ‘Instagrammers’ is no less a treat for souls driven with a desire to travel. These people provide little snapshots into their lives and a compact digital postcard from different parts of the world. Listed ahead are accounts of men and women who left their comfort zones to travel and encourage their followers to do the same.

  1. @samhorine: Sam Horine

Based in New York, Sam Horine is an explorer of the ages. His focus is on visiting places of obscurity, like abandoned factories back alleys with graffiti walls. When on a break from travel, he’s teaching classes at New York University and contributing photos to ‘New York’ magazine, ‘Time Out New York’, and ‘The Village Voice’, which named his Instagram account the best in New York City.

  1. @muradosmann: Murad Osmann

Travelling hand-in-hand with his model girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova, Murad Osmann travels the world to see beyond what transpires through the lens. Through his Instagram #followmeto project, he photographs Natalia dressed in a local fashion leading him to visit a vibrant scene. It is portrayed in a way as to show her pulling him along, to experience the beauty of the serenity she sees beyond her.

  1. @thefella: Conor MacNeill

Originally from Ireland, Conor MacNeill is a landscape, architecture, and destination photographer. He has already visited 50 countries, a number that is continuously on the rise. His Instagram captions inspire travellers to visit the places he has travelled to, and have a glimpse of the raw beauty of nature.

  1. @leeabbamonte: Lee Abbamonte

Aged 36, Lee Abbamonte claims to have visited all 193 countries of the world, being the youngest American to do so in the process. The intensity and adrenaline of his adventures are reflected in his photos with rich, structured images with vibrant colours and scenes.

  1. @migrationology: Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens believes food brings people together. Mark’s Instagram account is about mouth-wateringly diverse cuisines. He even met his wife, Ying, on his visit to Thailand in 2013.

Go hit follow and let your wanderlust flourish a little more with inspiration from these free, unbounded humans!

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