How to Lose Weight on Your Next Holiday

Guilty of overeating on holidays? Always end up heavier after a vacation? Is all your progress losing flab in the year destroyed after a vacation binge?

If your answer to these questions is a resounding yes, then maybe you should change the type of holidays you are going on. Taking a health positive holiday is the new and improved way to have your fun and keep your figure while you are at it.

The holiday destination you choose is capable of making or breaking your dream physique. And when you decide to go somewhere like Amritsar, Lucknow or Hyderabad, you might as well make a commitment to gaining weight. Such foodie hotspots are peppered with gourmet destinations to ove rindulge — be it on chole-kulche, kebabs, or biryani. Instead, plan to go for an adventure holiday or even a yoga retreat this year.

If you are a nature lover, travelling to the hill-stations with tough treks is an excellent way to ensure that you get plenty of vigorous exercise and even if you make a slip with your diet, you won’t put on any pounds. If you are an adrenaline junkie pick someplace which offers you the chance to paraglide, water ski, river raft, or rappel.

Nowadays hotels, and resorts are offering spa retreats. It is the perfect way to shake of the tension, let go of your worries, and lose weight in the process. Wellness clinics are generally housed in hotels in India so that you can enjoy a balance of spirituality and luxury. You can also consider trying yoga and many of the various spas offer programs to learn authentic yoga. And even after the holiday comes to an end, the healthy habit will stay with you.

No matter where you go, unless you keep a tab on your own indulgence, weight loss is impossible. Make an attempt to walk as much as you can, choose a sit-down meal over a buffet where you can grab food again and again, and avoid processed food while travelling and pack your own meals. Most hotels have swimming pools, as well as gyms, so do try to make full use of those facilities and fit in a work-out whenever possible.

So make your trip a healthy one and your future self will thank you for it.

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