Nurturing early adopters: Amit Damani


At Vista Rooms, alpha customers are considered as early adopters. These customers not only shape our product but are also, our ambassadors. They help us in initial marketing and testing of our product. Points that make an ordinary customer an alpha customer are repeat customers, social media evangelists and customers who refer our service actively.

We communicate with alpha users both offline and online. Our offline efforts include attending and hosting meet-ups to attract our target group. Other programs include college connect programs, etc. Our online efforts include managing community groups on Facebook, blogging about relevant topics, hosting AMA’s on different forums. Alpha users take help of more modern mediums like quora, Reddit, medium, etc to motivate potential customers to try our service and product. We constantly stay in touch with our community on personal mediums like Whatsapp and Twitter. We take their feedback constructively and act on it with them in mind. Every time, we solve an issue we ask for a third eye view on it. This makes our members feel more welcomed and involved in the process and this helps us gain their trust. A Potential customer can apply to our program by signing up as a Vista Ambassador on our web page or they can write to us. We help our ambassadors in developing logical reasoning by involving them in core decision processes, we also encourage them to do audits and host events on our behalf. This helps in building a sense of leadership.

We provide monetary as well non-monetary incentives to our ambassadors. Monetary gains include a steady pay per month and non-monetary benefits include premium access to our alliances, discounts and exclusive free trial for our new initiatives.


Amit Damani, Co –Founder, Vista Rooms, when not having quintessential talks on anything entrepreneurial, runs the fastest growing online aggregator for budget hotels in India. He is discerned to be an avid reader and a walking talking encyclopedia of sorts for Marketing. When he gets tired of doing all of this he likes to sleep.

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