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5 Indie Games For PC That Fill The Nintendo Void

No Switch? No problem. Play these versions of Pokemon and Fire Emblem on your laptop.

Nintendo is a great company when it comes to developing games, and for the most part, consoles as well. They are known for durable controllers, straight to the point consoles with great value, and most importantly, great games that stand the test of time.

Over the years, certain genres of games rarely receive new titles that hold a torch to those that Nintendo have mastered. Most large studios don’t bother trying to compete with games like Smash Bros, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, or even Fire Emblem because those games set the bar so high; anything another studio would create would pale in comparison. However, a few brave Indie developers have taken on the challenge to fill the void on steam since Nintendo only creates games for their own consoles (and a few mobile games). Let’s talk about some great indie games that created games in similar genres as Nintendo and tried to improve upon their formula, to bring such high-quality content to Steam.

Castle Crashers gameplay

My friends and I love Castle Crashers.

Crashers brings wacky combat and great co-op gameplay to PC. The art style is cute and the story is hilarious. The graphics and gameplay are a joy and will never go out of style. A solid variety of enemies and mission types will give you and your friends a game to enjoy today or a decade from now. I can’t say it’s the greatest game to play solo, but worth having in your library for when your friend asks if you want to play. A must-have for anyone and it’s only $17 CDN on Steam.

Temtem Gameplay

Next is a game called Temtem. This is a game that doesn’t only challenge the legendary Pokemon series, but dare I say exceeds it.

For a long time, I and many other Pokemon fans have been wanting online multiplayer, co-op and other RPG features added to the series. Sadly Nintendo seems to have dropped the ball when it comes to adding more features or taking risks to mixing up the game. Temtem however, answers the call that many players have wanted. In Temtem you can customize your character and purchase your own housing. It’s also entirely online so you can interact with other players, fight one another, or group up for co-op. Lastly, Tem Tem has a small competitive mode which has each player pick which monsters they want to fight the other player with, and then they can ban 3 of each other monsters resulting in a 5 monsters vs 5 monsters fight. The combat works similarly to Pokemon but with 2 monsters on the battlefield at a time to add more depth and strategy. Finally, the game’s art style also is very similar to Pokemon, and as long as the game has a steady stream of updates, and the servers are live, it’ll be a great game for years to come.

Lovers In A Dangerous Space Time gameplay

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime has mastered a concept that other large studios like Nintendo should try more often.

This 2D game will have you and up to three friends pilot a spaceship in order to save your friends and battle an enemy called “Anti-Love.” The story is cute and fun, the graphics are adorable and practical, and the enemies are abundant. Your spaceship is outfitted with multiple cannons that can be upgraded, along with a shield, an ultimate weapon, and of course the pilot’s seat to drive your spaceship. Combat can become hectic and will have you and your friends shouting at each other as you do your best to work together.

Wargroove gameplay

Another great game that is neck and neck with Nintendo’s high standards and shares the same genre as Fire Emblem, is Wargroove.

Wargroove is a top-down turn-based strategy game that scratches that Fire Emblem itch that PC gamers couldn’t satisfy before. Wargroove offers a full-length campaign, 4 factions, a variety of characters, and even the ability to create your own custom levels. The game also has a co-op mode for you and a friend to play against AI opponents or for you and a friend to vs other players online. The game can be rather challenging at times but if you grew up with Fire Emblem and want more turn-based strategy for more experienced players, Wargroove will be a game you’ll come back to time and time again over the years.

Pummel Party gameplay

Lastly is Pummel Party, a board game style party game with mini-games, much like Nintendo’s Mario Party.

Unlike Mario Party, Pummel Party still has a cartoon art style but puts a strong emphasis on bloody violence and has a more gritty color palette. Pummel Party allows up to 8 players to play together either online or locally. If you don’t want to risk losing friends, then you can also play against AI players.

Some of these games are able to hold a torch to Nintendo’s games while being made on a tiny budget and by a small team. Meanwhile, with just a few creative features or the guts to take a risk, some of these games may even surpass some of Nintendo’s famous franchises. I’m personally a fan of all these games and whether you think they are up to par with Nintendo’s standards is up to you, but we can all be thankful that these games are available on Steam and other platforms as well. Platform exclusivity won’t be holding you back from enjoying these games. Is it time that smaller game companies rise up and challenge Nintendo? I think it’s time to give Nintendo a run for their money.



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