How to find great product videos for your ecommerce store

Imagine you’re shopping online for a new pair of trainers. You’re casually browsing your favorite ecommerce store on a Sunday afternoon.

You land on a product detail page of the trainers you like and see a product review video. You click on the video but you discover it’s actually just a collage of product photos you’ve already seen on the site.

Would you feel enthusiastic to watch more?

How about if the video turned out to be a commercial for a product you’ve already seen before on TV?

Probably not that interesting either. And not that effective in driving you closer to purchase for that matter.

While these ecommerce product video tactics are certainly cost-effective, they can be short-sighted.

If your execution is done half-heartedly and fails to engage shoppers, you can’t expect to bring in more conversions. Content should not be scrapped hastily just for the sake of saying that you’ve enabled ecommerce video.

Product videos should be interesting. Just like every element on your ecommerce store, your videos should be focused on the customer.

They should help establish a connection between the shopper and the product. They should be authentic and believable, without the cheesy hard sell and outdated video tricks.

In this post, we’ll talk about how online stores can find great ecommerce product videos on social media, while effectively engaging and converting shoppers. Read on to find out how you can benefit from this approach.

Why social media is a great source of product videos

There’s much talk these days about the boom of Facebook video, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and other similar video-sharing platforms. However, when it comes to ecommerce product videos, YouTube is still your best friend.

Consider this:

YouTube offers hundreds of thousands of reviews, demos, tutorials, unboxing and impressions about products and brands. It’s also home to the largest community of video creators who produce content to help shoppers discover products, brands and guide their purchases.

YouTube is especially helpful in finding content for popular product categories, such as consumer electronics, games, gadgets, beauty products, sneakers etc.

For example, 64% of consumers turn to YouTube for product review videos about consumer electronics such as smartphones. Product videos influence 61% of purchases in this category. There are over 113K YouTube channels specializing in consumer electronics, with over 900K videos.

Similarly, 66% of beauty aficionados turn to YouTube to visualize better their next purchases. There are over 1.8 million of videos published about beauty products on YouTube, which generate over 700 million views every month.

With such an abundance of content, there are many opportunities for ecommerce stores. Here’s why sourcing product videos from social media is a good idea:

  • Save time and resources on video production. This is especially true if you’re not a particularly skilled videographer or simply lack the creative gene to make compelling product videos on your own. You shouldn’t deprive your customers of the ability to experience products through videos on your site. Product videos from social media can help you cut through the chase. If you’re selling popular products or brands, chances are there’s already great video content about them out there.
  • It’s an easy way to add social proof. Even if you make great ecommerce product videos on your own, you still might want to mix it up with the content from social media. Why? Because online shoppers are curious (and sometimes suspicious) creatures. They’ll always want a second opinion about a product. Even if your own product videos are great, customers will still want to watch the reactions of other shoppers to make sure they’re making a good decision. Adding product videos from social media will help them get the social proof they need to convert.
  • It breaks the fourth wall between the shopper and the store. We all want a better experience in ecommerce. But sometimes no matter how ingenious the UX is on your online store, shoppers still feel like they’re in a vacuum. You can break that invisible barrier with the content that creates a more human connection. Product videos from social media have that effect. They make shoppers feel more at home on your product pages and more open to interact with your store.
Ecommerce product videos from social media breathe life into your pages and make them more welcoming

How to effectively search for product videos

Here are a few practical tips on how to do your product video search more effectively:

  • Understand your product. Typing in the manufacturer’s product code into a search field will not always produce a large pool or results one might hope for. Why? Because product videos (especially user-generated ones) are shared with consumers’ needs in mind. They often refer to a product the way a regular customer does at the store. Sometimes they include more loose variations of the product name in the title and tags that slightly differ from what you find in the manufacturer’s catalog. To tackle this, you need to think as a user and try different variations of the product name. This way you’ll discover videos that otherwise might slip from your original search attempts.
Play with variations in video search terms in order to get the most relevant results
  • Keep it simple. When you’re searching for product videos on YouTube try to keep your search terms simple. Adding additional keywords that describe product (e.g. adjectives such as “awesome”, “good” etc) might narrow down your results significantly and you might miss on a great content.
  • Use popular content as a guide. If you’re selling trending products, you’re likely to be spoilt with the abundance of content. Start by scanning top results ranked by popularity and work your way down. You might find great product videos that have not generated as many views but offer a fresh or unique take on the product. Don’t forget to check out video channels of known influencers in your category as well. If your product has created a big hype, they’re likely to feature it in their videos.
  • Look for fresh content. If your product is a consumer staple for quite some time, your customers are likely to have already seen popular videos about it. Look for fresh product videos to periodically update your product pages with new content. This keeps the shoppers engaged and will give them a reason for return to your site. Use Google search with specified custom time range to identify new video content for your products.

What to look for in a great product video

67% of consumers turn to video reviews at least once before making a purchase.

That’s why it’s important to deliver informative, captivating and convincing product videos in order to keep the shoppers on your store interested in buying.
When you’re searching for ecommerce product videos on social media pay attention to the following:

  • What kind of videos about your products are trending?
  • What kind of videos get the most views and shares?
  • Who are the creators of these product videos (brands, experts, influencers, everyday consumers)?
  • What do they say about your products in their videos?

Look at the supply and the demand for videos about your products. You should aim to find the content that already has good traction with the online audience, because it will likely work well on your product pages as well.

Here are a few tips on what to look for in ecommerce product videos:

  • Search for videos you’ll be proud to add to your product pages. You don’t want to add just any product videos that pop up in the search results for your product. You want content that looks great and elevates the experience. Look for videos that have high-quality picture and audio. You want shoppers to be able to see the product in detail and to understand the commentary about its benefits, features, pros and cons.
High-quality product videos keep shoppers immersed in the experience
  • Look for videos with the right personality. The tone and style of the video are important too. Search for the kind of videos that would resonate well with your customer’s persona. 68% of consumers prefer product videos from “people like me”, while 45% prefer product videos by experts. Shoppers love to watch people just like them, so try to find videos made by people of similar profile. This kind of commitment to authenticity will earn you big points from your customers. The most convincing ecommerce product videos feel less like cheesy commercials and more like a candid conversation between friends.
  • Diversify your product video gallery. When searching for ecommerce product videos you’ll want to look for a variety of content. Look for videos made by experts, users and brands. Search for review videos, tutorials, unboxing videos, “first impressions” videos and other content that showcases the product from different perspectives. This will give shoppers a complete view of what they’re getting with the purchase.
  • Search for videos that are of optimal length for your products. Some products such as appliances or home improvement tools might require more thorough demonstration than others such as sneakers. Good product videos typically last 1–5 minutes, so have that in mind. Very few shoppers will stick around watching 20 minute-long videos talking only about one product, so save long-form product videos for more complex purchases.

These are just some of the basic things to keep in mind when you wish to enrich your ecommerce store with videos from social media. There are certainly more areas you’ll need to cover, such as video management and conversion optimization. Visit for more tips on product videos for ecommerce.

Originally published on Goodvidio Blog