Psychogeographical excursion

My task was to go out to the streets of Vinohrady around the school and make my own psychogeographical excursion. I was supposed to be super sensitive and notice almost everything I can. Then I was supposed to use the gathered information and make a map.

I decided to go just straight down the street. It was the same street where I walk every day to school and I wanted to find out what I am missing when I am not thinking about being more sensitive.

I was monitoring four things: sky, people’s face expressions, architecture and ground materials. From observation of these four things I have following notes:


White everywhere.

Face expressions

The younger a person is the happier he seems.
People seem to be worried and in hurry while they walk through the tunnel.
In group: they talk to each other and smile.
Alone: look into the shop windows or holding mobile phone.
Young people in groups smile more than old people in groups.


A lot of small shops in the tunnel.
Graffiti on the wall in the tunnel.
Contrast: modern architecture (made of glass etc.) next to old traditional czech architecture.
Shop in every building on the first floor (only on the main street).

Ground materials

A lot of chewing gum everywhere.
A lot of color lines (parking etc.).
Sidewalk is made of blocks of asphalt because of all the street repairs.
A lot of holes.

Abstract psychogeographical map

Usable psychogeographycal map

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