What is politics/art? Občan K.

As a part of my “What is politics/art?” project I watched a movie from Ztohoven called Občan K. The whole movie is about people who changed their IDs with each other and lived life of someone else.

It was interesting for me to observe that in our society and in our system we are perceived only as numbers and not as people. The Czech politics system does not know anyone or anything but numbers. When anyone wants to do anything officially, he has to show someone his ID and be verified.

The society does this to protect itself. By taking away part of everyone’s freedom the society stabilizes and consolidates itself. When people do not think about this, they may not even realize that.

On the other hand, I personally think that the society can do whatever it wants to do. We are part of our society and politics system just because we want to be part of it. Nowadays, anyone can travel freely and no one is kept here by force. By living here, in our country, we automatically accept its rules. And that is a good thing — because when someone does not like rules of his country, he can leave the country and go live somewhere else.

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