Stoking it

I popped open a vocabulary app today and it splashed a “word of the day” on the screen. It was a happy coincidence.

Inspired by this “word of the day” encounter, I have decided to embark on a photographic self-project with the pictures I take with my phone. For any given “word of the day”, I will put together images that convey a sense of the word. Looks like it will be an interesting exploration of the connections and the interplay between photographs, words, titles, semantics, captions, meanings, context and what not. It will also be a visual diary to record my photographic and linguistic vocabulary and see how it evolves.

If photography is a language than what would comprise its vocabulary — photographic vocabulary so to speak? If a photograph can stand for thousand words, what words can stand for a bunch of photographs?

So here goes:

Word of the day (Dec 6th, 2016):
very important or noticeable

Here are the four photographs from my Instagram feeds that look “salient” to me: