Tools used by my grandfather, Fred Jones, at his Upholstery Shop in Macon, Ga.

Being new to this, I will admit I am not common to typing out all of my thoughts into a virtual world like the internet. I have had experience with uploading photos and videos online as a means to represent my work to others who may find the works I present useful for hiring me on various freelance opportunities.

However, I find that with this passion I have for media (specifically the visual arts), it is a second nature to find myself writing my thoughts for public viewing. I have carried out online work through two personal websites in the past, where I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and attention gained for my work.

I believe this blog will not only help to represent my progress of experience re-building a new site to represent my work, but will also allow more of an understanding of how all forms of media can be collectively assembled to represent one individual’s capabilities.

With this blog I intend to organize out my works throughout the past few years and express research of each project and what spurred and inspired me to take on the project. Most of which for this blog will be personal works, that I do in my free time of my own interests.

Beginning each project with a research entry, here, relating to each project. I then intend to describe the processes at which I take in accomplishing each project through a follow up entry. This entry will explain the how, what, where, and everything else I do in order to complete it.