When you’re beginning a movie, and you see that segment, before the movie starts. The common sound you’ve heard before, and the feeling you get, knowing the film you’re about to watch, is going to be good!

These segments are the companies that represent the film, it’s production, the studios where it was produced; and all of the different franchise corporations which supported the making of the film. The majority of these segments are short, five to fifteen second spots, that are almost like short commercials.

The segments almost always are animated, and carry a scenario of an extremely short film. Incorporating a soft introduction, with subtle sounds, or a delicate suspenseful melody. Which leads into a dramatic sequence, where an active amount of visual affects are presented rapidly! Then it finishes just as subtly as it began. Instantaneously almost fading softly away, or perhaps building into the major motion picture you’re about to watch. (I honestly like the segments that open up into the movie. These are the most unique, because they are tailored specifically around the movie you’re about to see.)

My purpose for mentioning these segments is because they are important!

These segments show who is paying the big money, to provide for this movie to be this movie! Now let alone, not always is this case, some companies just represent an animation studio, production,or sound equipment, etc.

The director has his name titled on the film usually around the same area as these logo segments are presented as well as the the MOVIE TITLE. This is not only a mark of who is part of the film it is also an ad, showing other filmmakers, who may see a particular production company and like the studio. It let’s them know who to contact for their next production. In cases, a lot of times, these segments are more for the return of business by directors, actors, and all of those involved in the movie industry. For the viewer it’s a representation of how good the movie will probably be.

Like an artist who always signs their name at the bottom of their work, or when you sign your name on something you’ve done.

A continuous line sketch of a horse by Pablo Picasso.

The above example would be a horse sketch by Pablo Picasso, as you can see, he has a sense of design. Both in the way he managed to draw the horse, and additionally in his classic signature he always uses at the bottom.

Logo segments are an advertisement, a piece of art, and a way of representing an affiliate closely involved in the production of that visual art.

So as I first began to study these logos, and understand the concept behind them. Originally intending to start my own freelance video and photography business. I thought I should come up with a nifty logo to represent my freelance work too!

In my next blog, I’ll present my logo segment I designed and made, and the process it took to accomplish the goal.

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