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Attract links and shares and engage your audience the right way:

If you want to stand out from the crowd using visual content, one of your safest bets right now is interactive infographics.

Plain, non-interactive infographics are already overused, while their interactive counterparts are still rare. What’s even more important, they are far more engaging. In fact, you could say that triggering user engagement is their main goal and feature.

Granted, they are harder to make. You can’t just type a bunch of bullet points, choose a cool font and a few stock graphics and call it a day.

If you take visual content creation seriously and value its ability to educate and reveal data in an easy way, you need to be thinking about using interactive infographics for your business.

Here’s 16 examples for your inspiration, taken from the cream of the crop. All of them were published in the last three years.

If two centuries of immigration to the US can be told in an engaging, awe-inspiring way, anything can:

1. Your Life On Earth

Check infographic on BBC.

Check infographic on BBC.

An amazing compilation of data of how our planet has changed since the day you were born.

In my case, since the day I was born the Earth has travelled 290 million kilometers through the Milky Way. Gosh, I’m old.

Find out how many major eruptions and solar eclipses have happened during your life:

2. Scaled In Miles

Check it on Fathom.info.

This one should take the prize for one of the most visually stunning interactive infographics out there. The subject is a quite beautiful one too — Miles Davis’ immortal music.

Each milestone represents one of Miles Davis historic recording sessions. Click on it and you’ll find out when and where it happened, and who was jamming along.

3. The Enlightened Happy Hour: An Interactive Guide To What You’re Sipping

On Column Five Media

Do you know the exact ingredients in your favorite cocktail? Even more, do you know how many calories you are adding to your body once you drink one of those?

Play around, and you may find that you need to stay away from those delicious mojitos while you’re on a diet. A glass of wine is alright, though.

4. The dude map: How Americans refer to their ‘bros’


Confused about whether you should address your American buddies as dudes, bros or pals? This infographic tells you where is cool to use each.

I never knew Lousiana was ‘bro’ territory:

5. Global Threat Interactive: What’s The World Scared Of?

The Guardian

First world problems, anyone? Truth is, world problems are not equally important, depending on who you ask.

Get a dose of perspective and reality by checking how threats like ISIS, global warming and cyber-attacks are perceived in different countries of the world:

6. You Vs. John Paulson


Got nothing against John Paulson? You will, once you try this.

Just insert how much dough you make in a year, and you will be promptly informed of how long it takes Paulson to make that much.

If it’s more than 10 minutes, you’re lucky. 😉

7. Hungry Tech Giants — Compare the acquisition strategies of 5 tech giants over the last 15 years

Simply Business

Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon… They all have in common that they are huge tech companies, and the fact that they are very hungry. Smaller companies that help them grow and grab a bigger share of the market are their prey.

See who acquired more companies (and at what price) in the last fifteen years:

8. 200 Years of Immigration to the U.S.

Insightful Interaction

Take a look at the evolution of immigration to the US, understanding in a very easy and visual way what groups were the main contributors in every decade, from 1829 to our day:

9. How Search Works


This Google interactive infographic is probably the one of the pack that most people have seen before.

It makes a pretty good job of explaining something as complex as Google’s search algorithm, and the way its robots crawl the web and decide what pages to include in the Google index.

Do not miss if you are interested in SEO:

10. The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People


Do you ever wonder whether geniuses and very creative people sleep less or more than 8 hours? And at what times of day do they perform better?

Of course, there’s no single answer, as everyone have their own patterns and preferences, but this infographics will show you the big picture. If they all have something in common, I’m sure you’ll spot it:

11. The Console Evolution

Design By Soap

Are you old enough to remember the old Atari video consoles? Then you’ll love this (well, at least I do).

Remember your gaming life and take a look at the amazing sales numbers of some of the consoles we’ve all played with:

12. The Evolution of The Web

Evolution of The Web

Now let’s talk about web browsers and technologies. Remember the old Netscape? And all those annoying pop-ups? And the first time you tried Google Chrome?

The web evolves fast, and it’s easy to get lost. Take a look at how web technologies have evolved, and what it all meant for user experience, the Holy Grial of web design and development:

13. How Music Travels: The Evolution of Western Dance Music


Ever thought that they are way too many music styles and genres. Well, turns out there are more dance music styles than DJs in Ibiza — and they all can be traced back to the same roots.

Better check it out for yourself:

14. What The Internet Thinks About

Funders and Founders

A glimpse at the most popular and shared stories on the web from the last 5 years. Perhaps surprisingly for some, stories related to parenting were one of the most popular topics.

15. Woman’s Political Rights Around The World

The Guardian

This needs to be told, and understood by everyone. Women have been fighting for their rights until very recently in many countries. And in some places, they still are. Learn for yourself and help raise awareness:

16. Beneath The Thinking Cap: The Basic Functions of The Brain

Online College Courses

A quick and easy way to learn the fundamentals about the way our brain works, and which areas are responsible of what.

It still amazes me that your brain is different depending on what activities you focus more:

Next: Your Own Interactive Infographics?

And that was my dose of visual inspiration for today. If you’re now thinking: “yes, this is all very neat and cool, but I can’t do that”, don’t worry. We can do it for you.

You just focus on your content strategy and, above all, on your benefits (think about what the last infographics did for Online College Courses in terms of visibility and engagement). And we’ll take care of the rest.

Let me suggest a few of our recent interactive graphics, and in case that’s not enough, please take a look at our portfolio.

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