Will the Real Inu Please Stand Up?

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4 min readNov 17, 2021


  • Vita Inu (VINU) is a dog-based meme token on the VITE network
  • VINU is the world’s first fast and feeless dog-based meme token
  • VINU will be paired up with the ViNo Snapshot Block Producer (SBP). Voting for ViNo grants daily Vite and VINU rewards
  • VINU will soon be a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). This will allow VINU holders to participate in the governance of VINU

Phonies and frauds everywhere

Over the past year, we have seen seemingly endless amounts of hype surrounding meme coins.

And all for what?

Frankly, the hype has been driven by little more than pure PR and speculative buy-ins from people hoping to turn a profit. But there is a significant issue with this tendency within the crypto sphere. There is little transparency and even less accountability with most meme coins.

This lack of transparency and accountability often manifests itself in the form of rug pulls or massive price manipulation from the central distributor teams.

Another core tenant with coins like Shiba Inu and DogeCoin and the other myriad meme coins out there entails no true intrinsic value. They are often touted as currencies that can be used pragmatically in day-to-day transactions, but they are neither feeless nor fast.

This is a disastrous combo for a cryptocurrency that is aimed at being used on the regular.

The Real Inu

It’s precisely for these reasons that the team at Vita Inu has decided to take the cuteness and memes to the next level. We wanted to bring functionality along with the insanely cute concept of Inu.

In a span of approximately four days, we managed to completely max out the pre-sale stage by selling 10% of the distribution — the capped amount. And this comes with both a reason and a promising story of what’s to come.

So what sets Vita Inu apart?

Conceptually, we have decided to build this project on the scalability of the community and the principles of transparency and accountability. We are fully committed to working for the long-term success and sustainability of Vita Inu. We understand fully that most cryptos are all bark and no bite, but we have both.

The story of Vita Inu will continue in less than a day, with Vita Inu (VINU) being listed on ViteX to be traded between Vite, and later VINU will be paired with USDT and a number of other big names within the crypto sphere.

The network details

While Vite uses a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) ledger structure and is a low-latency and highly scalable network, it is also the first public chain to implement smart contracts based on a DAG ledger.

Transactions on the Vite network are fast and feeless. The broader aim of the Vite network is to bridge different blockchains in a decentralized way.

One distinctive feature of the Vite network is its “snapshot” mechanism. This mechanism’s main function is to maintain consensus on Vite’s ledger. Snapshot blocks are created by “nodes,” which are called Snapshot Block Producers (SBPs). Vite holders can “vote” for SBPs, and the top 100 SBPs with the most votes will be allowed to produce blocks. As a reward for creating blocks, SBPs are rewarded (in terms of Vite) based on the number of blocks that they produce.

Typically, SBPs distribute a significant portion of their daily SBP rewards to their votes as a way of rewarding them. Vite holders who are interested in supporting the VINU project may vote for the ViNo SBP. This will allow them to receive daily Vite rewards and additional VINU tokens. Receiving additional VINU tokens means that these Vite holders will receive more rewards than simply voting for an SBP that does not distribute additional tokens.

The Tokenomics

Initial distribution
Initial Distribution

The total supply of VINU is 1 quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000). No more than this amount will ever exist. This means that there will be no worries about inflation pertaining to VINU.

Long Term Distribution

50% of the total supply of VINU will be reserved for its Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) component. Registered DAO members will be able to receive rewards for participating in the activities of the DAO. Details of the DAO and how to register for it will be made available soon.

25% of the total supply will be distributed freely to the public.

25% of the total supply will be reserved as payment for the contribution of the project team members.

Just Getting Started

In short, Vita Inu ($VINU) is the world’s first fast & cheeky dog coin with zero fees and smart contracts. We realize we are small, but we have huge plans, and Vita Inu’s philosophy is to have fun, make new friends, and learn all about one of the greatest technological revolutions of our lifetimes — cryptocurrency.

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