Announcing the Vite Developer Committee

A Vite Labs funded, community-run group to solicit, sponsor and supervise DApp development on Vite

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We are creating a community-run Vite Developer Committee (“The Committee”) that will oversee the proposal, development, and reward of new projects on the Vite chain. Funding (currently set at 500k VITE per month) for project developers will be provided by Vite Labs.

Organizing Principles for the Committee

Purpose of the Committee

The Committee is responsible for organizing community-based software development effort on the Vite chain.

The Committee will consist of core Members of the Vite Techies Club. In case you’re unaware, Vite Techies Club is a group of technically-inclined Vite enthusiasts that regularly hold events discussing technical matters that concern the Vite chain. You may join the Vite Techies Club here:

Committee Meetings and Votes

The Committee will meet at least once a month. The meeting frequency and date/time will be determined by the Committee Co-Chairs (more on this later).

Due to timezone differences, it is understandable that a Committee Member may not make every meeting. The Co-Chairs should try to change up the meeting times to maximize amount of attendance.

Each time a vote takes place, however, every Member should vote in a timely manner. A Member that fails to do so three times will be removed from the Committee.

Initial Committee Memberships

Members of the Committee will be determined from elections, and are subject to change from time to time per rules below.

The initial candidate pool consists of community Members to be invited directly by Vite Labs. These individuals include SBP owners, gateway operators, community managers, other long-time community Members, and a few Members from Vite Labs.

A meeting with all the aforementioned candidates will be held, where we will discuss the rules and processes outlined in this document, suggestions for efficiently and effectively running the Committee, and ideas for Developer Bounties.

At the end of the meeting, individuals may formally declare their candidacy in joining the Committee. All participants in the meeting will vote for their top 15 choices (criteria: attendees with the best ideas and are the most active in contributing ideas). 15 Members with the most votes will become Members of the Committee. In particular, those with the most votes will become the Co-Chairs. A run-off election will take place in case of ties (e.g., if 10 Members had the same highest votes, and six Members had the same second highest votes. Then a run-off will take place for the six Members).

Note that the Co-Chairs may not be a team member from Vite Labs. So Vite Labs team members will be removed from the process in determining Co-Chairs.

Types of Members

The Committee will initially consist of 15 Members, including 2 Co-Chairs.

The Co-Chairs are responsible for setting meeting times, taking attendance, and leading discussion during meetings, and organizing the Committee to vote. Each Member has one vote. This applies to Co-Chairs as well.

Terms of Members

All Members will serve three months. At the end of the three months, all Members, including Co-Chairs, will be up for re-election. Co-Chairs will be able to serve again if they are top two vote winners in the new election.

From time to time, the Co-Chairs may host votes to add a Member due to their potential value-add to the Committee, or remove a Member due to their inactivity or lack of positive contribution to the Committee. If more than 2/3 of the Quorum (more on this later) agrees to add/remove, such action will be taken immediately. The motion to add or remove a Member can be suggested by any Member.

Quorum for Voting

For any result of a vote to be effective, at least 2/3 of all Members must vote. One exception is the initial vote for deciding Committee Members.

Supervision of Committee

Vite Labs will make sure that the Committee is fulfilling its responsibilities by having regular communication with the Committee Co-Chairs. See Disclaimer section for more details.

Responsibilities of Members

The general mandate is to increase the technical ecosystem for Vite: this includes getting new developers to build meaningful projects built atop the Vite chain.


  • Recruit software developers for dev bounties
  • Decide the list of new projects to build for each month, and their associated reward amounts
  • Check the work of each completed project, and vote to decide compensation for such

Dev Bounty Projects and Rewards

Dev bounty projects are Vite-based projects approved by the Committee to solicit developers for. As will be explained below, the projects may have been suggested from a variety of sources.

Scope of Projects

Eligible projects are software projects built on Vite chain. One example is a new block explorer. Another example is the recently completed full node query tool.

Source of Ideas for Projects

The project ideas may come from Vite Labs, community Members (including the Committee), and developers looking to earn a reward.

Rewards for Projects

The Vite Labs foundation will contribute 500,000 VITE per month to reward developers in building new projects. For each month, the Committee will decide how many projects to fund and how to allocate the rewards per project. The Committee will solicit developers (or there may be inbound requests from developers) and decide which developers to contract. Un-allocated rewards will roll over to the next month.

The reward for each project will consist of two parts: the base reward and the bonus reward. When the Committee deems that a project is satisfactorily completed, the project developer receives the base reward. The Committee then decides how much of the bonus to reward the developer.

Example: 10,000 VITE base reward + 5,000 VITE bonus reward has been set as Dev Bounty for a new block explorer. John Smith completes the project and receives the 10,000 VITE base reward. The Committee votes and decides that the quality of John Smith’s work deserves an additional 50% of the bonus reward, or 2,500 VITE.

Note that sometimes, certain projects take significant effort to complete and a fair reward amount exceeds the monthly budget of 500,000 VITE, or whatever is remaining after deducting rewards for other projects. In this case, it may take multiple months for the developer of this project to receive his or her full compensation.

Submission of Completed Projects

When developers submit a completed project, they must include the following:

  • Link to the most recent version of the product
  • Link to github (the code must be open-sourced)
  • Documentation that allows easy, subsequent development

Monthly Committee Workflow


This is an initial draft of the rules and processes for the Committee. It is subject to further discussion and subsequent finalization by the candidates for the initial Committee.

Note that Vite Labs reserves rights of interpretation.



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