Application Sneak Peek: Vite Blockchain Browser and Wallet

Recently, the Vite team has been accelerating the development of Vite’s test net. Two heavyweight products, the blockchain browser demo and the wallet, will be launched soon. The functions will cover core modules of the Vite system, including account generation (based on DAG account book structure), asynchronous transfer, global account snapshot and chain increment, transaction query, etc.

Etherscan is a well-known blockchain browser on Ethereum. As an infrastructure public chain, Vite will definitely need a blockchain browser to query all transactions, accounts, tokens, snapshot blocks and other information. Here are some details about the blockchain browser.

Dashboard of Vite Blockchain Browser
Trading Information
List of Snapblocks
List of Tokens

The blockchain browser will support English and Chinese. Every transaction initiated by the wallet can be seen in the blockchain browser. Here are some details of the wallet.

The First Page
Login Page
Account Home Page
Trading Page