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Jan 7, 2019 · 3 min read

Vite would like YOUR opinion on the Vite TestNet experience in our forum. We are looking for an insightful writeup or helpful comments on how users can take advantage of TestNet’s performance and functions. Here are the guidelines to follow for this campaign! 😝

Duration: 2 weeks

Timeline: January 7 — January 21


  1. To participate in the Vite forum discussion, you must have a Vite address.
  2. The 2 types of submissions Vite Labs will be accepting are (1) individual post submissions or (2) responses to previous forum discussion posts.
  3. A post submission must be over 1 paragraph in length and will be rewarded 500 VITE (with visible effort shown).
  4. A comment to previous postings will be at least 2 sentences in length and each response is individually rewarded with 20 VITE.
  5. Posts and responses will be DILIGENTLY graded and judged by the quality of the writing, thoroughness of explanation, and of course the insight that the text gives to the community about Vite TestNet.
  6. Remember: the topic of discussion is on the TestNet experience.
  7. No reward will be given for spam posts or to text with no apparent educational value.
  8. This forum campaign will run for exactly 2 weeks.
  9. All rights are reserved by Vite Labs.


~Each quality post submission will be rewarded 500 VITE.

~Each insightful comment will be rewarded 20 VITE.

~The BEST post submission and topic on the Vite forum will receive 2,000 VITE.

May the odds be ever in your favor! 😉

How To Add Your Wallet Address:

  1. Click on your profile icon at the upper right-hand corner of the Vite Forum page.

2. On the left of your profile page, there should be an option listed as “Profile Links”.

3. Make sure to copy the text designating your Vite wallet address, not your QR code.

4. Spread the word about this new campaign and emphasize the collaborative nature of the new Vite forum!

Have Your Friends Join All The Fun Here:
Official Address of Vite Forum:
Or scan this QR Code:

Download the Vite Wallet here:

Vite Labs


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