Introducing Vuilder DAO

Joel Yang
Vite Labs
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3 min readOct 9, 2021


Who’s ready to Vuild? We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new builder DAO on Vite — Vuilder DAO.

As shared previously, the Vuilder DAO’s mission is to foster ongoing organic development on the Vite ecosystem. It achieves this purpose primarily through an Ongoing Bounties Program and a Project of the Quarter Program. The launch of the DAO is the implementation of the Vite Builder DAO concept put forth here.

The Vuilder DAO is an invitation/recognition only organization. All inaugural members of the DAO will each be granted 20 $VUILD tokens. At this time, we are in the process of reaching out to the list of eligible builders as the inaugural members. This is a token of appreciation for their past efforts to build on Vite and also an invitation for their participation of the future governance of the DAO. After this initial $VUILD distribution, the only way to earn $VUILD is to build on Vite, aka Vuild.

We try our best to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to the initial distribution. If you missed this round of distribution, don’t worry! Just vuild. You will be counted in.

Additionally, we encourage all Vuilders to join the Vite Discord Server. A dedicated #vuilder-dao channel will grant all vuilders access. It is an exclusive channel for all DAO related discussions.

The managing (as opposed to the governing) body of the Vuider DAO is the Builder Council. Members of the Builder Council are called Organizers and at any time, there can only be 5 Organizers. The inaugural Organizers will all be members of the Vite Labs. 30 days after the launch of the DAO, selective inaugural Organizers can be rotated off the Council and new Organizers can be introduced to the Council. The minimum term of an Organizer (inaugural Organizers excluded)is 6 months.

The launch of the Vuilder DAO also kicks off our Inaugural Bounty Cycle. We are currently looking for the following to be built:

Bounty #1: DAO Tools — $4000 in VITE

Important decisions to be made on the Vite network will be voted on by VITE holders, with their VITE. Similarly, key decisions for ViteX will also be voted on by VX holders. We’re looking for a tool that supports governance of arbitrary projects built on Vite network.


The following functions are desired:

  • Ability to connect Vite wallet by displaying a QR code scan-able from the Vite App.
  • Ability to submit proposals.
  • Ability to allow voting for proposals with a specified token. The token can be VITE, VX, or any other token issued on Vite.
  • Displaying voting results at the end of the poll.

To develop this governance tool, consider forking Snapshot (The source code can be found at GitHub — snapshot-labs/snapshot: Off-chain gasless multi-governance client. Join us on Discord )

If you do so, make sure to include all features including submitting proposals, voting, and administrative functions.

The aforementioned Snapshot website is for Ethereum. In your version of the DAO tool, you will need to make calls to relevant Vite APIs such as Vite.js SDK and ViteConnect SDK.

Bounty #2: DAO logo — $200 in VITE

The official Vuilder DAO logo should represent the Vuilders’ creativity, persistence and diversity.

All submissions should meet the following requirements:

  • The logo dimensions should be in both 400px x 400px and 1500 х 1500px.
  • The designers should tweet us @VuilderDAO with their designs AND include the link where the original files can be downloaded.

Submission period:

Oct 8 — Oct 29, 2021

The winner will be chosen through a DAO vote and will be rewarded with $200 in VITE and 20 $VUILD tokens.

In addition, the DAO may, at its discretion, choose to reward the designer(s) of other quality submission(s) with $VUILD tokens as well.

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