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Retweet About Vite 2.0 and Win 100,000 VCP!

You can use VCP to purchase merch at our Global Vite Store

Score a chance to win Vite Community Points (VCP)! For this contest, participants must retweet Vite’s official content with a comment about Vite 2.0 and tag three friends for a chance to win 100,000 VCP! You can use VCP to purchase merchandise and swag at our Global Vite Store!

Contest Timeframe: March 11 through March 14

Retweet link:

  1. Contest participants must follow these accounts on Twitter: @ViteLabs , @ViteXExchange, @chunming_liu, and @gentso09.
  2. Join Vite’s official Telegram:
  3. Any winners found cheating are subject to immediate disqualification and their winnings will be automatically forfeited another participant.
  4. Contest results will be announced within three working days after the campaign and rewards will be distributed during that time.
  5. Vite will randomly select 10 winners for this contest.

Vite Labs reserves all rights to the process and final selections for this contest.

What’s VCP? Learn more about it below or in our FAQs at

VCP are Vite’s community credits. They are distributed for free to recognize community members who have made significant contributions to our platform, such as developing applications on Vite, written public articles about our ecosystem, made videos about products, or tweeted about us. Currently, VCP is mainly used for redeeming Vite merchandise (such as t-shirts and hats) in our ViteStore at VCP will not be listed or traded in our exchange.

Good luck!



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