Vite Android Wallet Bug-Bounty Program is Launched

We are excited to announce that Vite Android HD Wallet is finally released! Go ahead to download the wallet at and start using it with your Android smartphone from today!

Vite Android HD Wallet currently supports the following features:

  • Token transactions of VITE, VCP(Vite Community Points) and VTT(Vite Test Token).
  • Secure mnemonic phrase and keystore management.
  • Private keys and wallet addresses derivation by BIP44 protocol.
  • Fee-less, fast trade of about 1 second of confirmation.
  • Quota acquisition.
  • Historical transaction list in real-time.

Voting for supernodes is temporarily unavailable in this release. Please visit our web wallet( if you have such demand.

As the preview version, we would like to incentivize the community to help locate defects/issues and perfect the wallet ASAP. Thus, at the beginning of 2019, we launched Vite Android Wallet Bug-Bounty Program!

Here are the rules:

  1. All bug reports should be submitted as “Reply” in thread of at Vite Forum.
  2. Anyone reporting a valid bug will be rewarded 200–500 VITE in accordance with severity.
  3. Same bug shall only claim bounty once by the FIRST reporter according to the timestamp of the comment.
  4. Detailed descriptions and a screenshot of bug are required in the comment.
  5. Please make sure you have bound your Vite wallet address with your forum account. Click and check details.







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