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Vite Bi-weekly Report

Jan 16–31, 2022

Project Updates

Introducing the Vite Ecosystem Fund

To incentivize more projects to be built on the Vite ecosystem, the Vite Labs foundation has set aside 70 million VITE as the Vite Ecosystem Fund. This fund will be utilized through programs such as Vuilder DAO, Hackathons, ViteX Gateway Incentive Plan, SBP DAO program, etc. These programs aim at introducing and empowering more builders to contribute to a vibrant growing Vite ecosystem. To learn more about the fund, click here.

Token, Operator and Gateway Information Update Requirements

To incentivize more ecosystem participation, we have streamlined the processes for updating token, operator and gateway information. The full requirements are published here and may from time to time be revised. For full details on these requirements, click here.

Vite App for Android Version 4.2.0 Released

Good news, Android users. Did you notice a newer version of our Vite App? New features include:

  • Added GBP, EUR support
  • Increased orders page usability
  • Added PoW settings, users can now add custom PoW servers

New Pre-release Version of go-vite

We shared a tweet about a new pre-release version of go-vite. Check out the tweet and link below for more details.

Solidity++ Updates

A pre-release version of Solidity++ 0.8.0 VS Code extension is now published. Search ‘soliditypp’ in the ‘Extensions’ tab of VS Code. Uninstall the old version of Solidityppcc first, then install ‘Solidity++ 0.8 Preview’ extension.

Here are some additional updates:

Key Activities

Ring In the Lunar New Year with the Vite Ecosystem Celebration Campaign

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Vite Labs has partnered with various notable ecosystem projects bringing you a very special campaign in the form of a puzzle! Test your skills for a chance to win! This puzzle contains information about the 12-word mnemonic phrase for a Vite wallet, containing:

  • 1500 VITE
  • 110,000,000,000 VITOGE
  • 7,777,777 VICAT
  • 1,000,000,000 VINU
  • 5,000 VITC
  • 100 VIVA
  • One VitePunk (#2203)

Find out more details about this campaign here. Happy Lunar New Year!

AMA with Vite COO Richard Yan Set for February 3

It’s a busy time at Vite with lots going on. To ensure we are continuing to engage our Vite Fleet directly, we’ll have another AMA with our COO Richard Yan happening on February 3rd at 17:00 UTC. Send your questions our way and we will answer as many as we can via live stream on our official YouTube channel — so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out!

Vite COO Quoted in Coindesk Article

Did you see Richard Yan quoted in Coindesk? Vite Labs was breifly mentioned along with our COO Richard Yan for an article that talks about selloffs in crypto. Congrats Richard, for the feature and we will continue to find ways to share our skills, experience, and expertise in the greater crypto media world.

Vite Runner Hackathon Winners Announced

We want to congratulate all the Vuilders for who won at our Vite Runner Hackathon. It’s initiatives like these and #ViteFleet like you that keep our ecosystem strong. Read more in the tweet below.

Vuilder DAO Bounty Submission Winner Announced

Congrats to the submissions winner on the Vuilder DAO Bounty. Enjoy your VUILD tokens!

Vite Exclusive Space

Exclusive Spaces are a unique way for crypto projects to bring their community together and have fun through the co-creation of an NFT. Co-create Vite’s unique NFT through and get rewards in VITE tokens, plus have a chance to win Space Ape smart NFT. Learn more here.

Our Latest #ViteBiweekly and #ViteBiweekly Winner

Vite Brand Ambassador Soraya Torrens is back with another awesome #ViteBiweekly, check it out below and make sure you answer the question for your chance at 500 VITE!

Also, congrats to our last #ViteBiweekly winner!

Community Contributions and Shoutouts

Viterium Wallet Alpha Versions Out Now

The Viterium wallet is out and you can get it on iOS and Android. Please note that these are Alpha versions so enjoy with caution. More details are in the tweets below.

Welcome Experiment DAO to ViteX

Welcome to a new community built (can we say ‘Vuilt” here?) gateway DAO — Experiment DAO. They have some big plans to bring some interesting projects and plans to the Vite ecosystem. Read more below.

Now Get Community Coins with ViteX Telegram Tipping Bot

First, it was just VITE, now you can also score other community coins through our ViteX Telegram Tipping Bot. Join our ViteX Telegram and post actively to get VITE and your favorite coins through the bot. No need to bring your umbrella for the airdrop rain!

Vite Achieves Public Recognition

Thank you, BSC News, for recognizing our efforts as a project, ecosystem, and community. Check our their tweets below.

Vite Labs Reaches Key Social Media Milestones

Social media is a great way to connect with our community (our #ViteFleet), and we can’t thank you enough for helping us reach 16,000 followers on @ViteXExchange on Twitter and 3,000 members on r/vitelabs on Reddit!

VITE and VX Data

Full Nodes Data

Snapshot Block Producer Data




Vite is a lightning-fast blockchain where transactions incur zero fees. It is the world’s first DAG-based smart contract platform. Vite’s flagship DApp is ViteX, a truly trustless DEX deployed on the Vite chain.

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