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Vite Bi-Weekly Report

Feb 1–15, 2021

Project Updates

ViteBridge Official Announcement

On February 12th, Vite CEO Charles Liu officially announced the new ViteBridge Whitepaper on Twitter. This paper proposes a generic and decentralized cross-chain transfer protocol to bridge all blockchains. This protocol will allow the unconstrained transfer of information and value between heterogeneous ecosystems and push our industry towards more openness and interoperability. For full access to the whitepaper visit

Vite Website Upgrade

Representing a major milestone for Vite 2.0 and on the same day of the ViteBridge Whitepaper release, Charles also unveiled our new website upgrade. The page contains a clean, user-friendly layout, updated designs, and an easy-to-use navigation menu and buttons to help our community take advantage of all the products Vite has to offer. While the website has changed, our website address is still the same, so check out to see the new fresh face of Vite.

Vite Docs Update

In addition to our website, we also updated our Vite documentation page to allow for a more user-friendly, easily searchable experience. These updated pages will also offer developers more convenience in finding relevant documents to build Vite related applications. Check out our documentation page in the following link:


Vite & WeTeam Join Forces

On February 10th, Vite Labs collaborated with Bi23 Labs to create a new generation of efficient team management and autonomous tools through WeTeam. This tool will support teams and enterprises based on the blockchain as well as digital token technologies by leveraging DAO models to provide support for data chaining, proposal governance, and team incentives.

Teams can sign up for a WeTeam account by entering their enterprise e-mail with an official website domain name. From there, teams can set up incentives and governance tools to help promote team development.

Read more about the announcement on our Medium page:

Vite COO Richard Yan Delivers Remarks on Vite 2.0 at #Binance Blockchain Week

On February 5th, Vite COO Richard Yan gave a keynote at Binance Blockchain Week. Richard shared Vite’s technical characteristics and details about Vite’s product lineup. One key item raised by Richard was about the evolution of Vite’s work in developing a more robust cross-chain network through the Vite 2.0 plan. Through Vite 2.0, token holders of one chain can now participate in a completely different chain without spending additional resources in the new chain.

To read Richard’s remarks, check out Vite Labs Medium page here:

You can also watch Richard’s remarks and the rest of the conference video at #Binance Blockchain Week — Founding The Future — Day 4

To learn more about our COO, follow Richard on Twitter @Gentso09 and his podcast The Blockchain Debate @blockdebate.

Winners Announced for Vite 2.0 Quiz Contest

On February 4th, Vite has launched a quiz campaign where winners who get a perfect score, follow @ViteLabs on Twitter, and join Vite’s Official Telegram could win 500 VITE. Participants were asked to watch Vite 2.0’s official release video and complete a quiz with no mistakes. Congrats to the 10 winners of our contest!

Check out the full announcement here:

More Contest Winners: Promote Vite 2.0 (ViteBridge) and Win VITE

On February 5th, Vite released another contest for the start of the month where Twittter users can retweet and win VITE. From February 4th to February 11th, participants promoted Vite 2.0 and tagged three friends for a chance to win up to 1,000 VITE. Many thanks to all who participated and congrats to our five lucky winners!

Read more about this campaign on Medium:

Community Contributions and Shoutouts

We want to send a major shoutout to one of our Community Superstars, Moe, for pulling together a very awesome new Vite browser,, as a part of our Vite Community Wish List. Well done, Moe!

Also, many thanks to NFT for creating and including us on a really cool Twitter campaign. A job well done to the team who set it up and congrats to the winners of that contest who won VITE for their participation.

Industry Exchanges

Crypto 101 Podcast

Vite COO Richard Yan sat down with Crypto 101 podcast host Bryce Paul to talk about Vite, decentralized exchanges, and their connections to the greater world of finance. Crypto 101 is a leading resource for people new to crypto and their interview with Richard will be featured at their upcoming Digital Currency Summit, happening February 23–25.

The Blockchain Debate

COO Richard’s show ”The Blockchain Debate Podcast“ has published 23 episodes since it began in late-2019. Previous topics include the digital gold attribute of cryptos, practical use cases of smart contracts, the usability of enterprise blockchains, the sustainability of liquidity mining, and so on. This show is a way for the Vite team to build relationships with other thought leaders in the space.

Some topics being planned include the viability of the NFT market, centralized vs decentralized lending, and if Bitcoin is bad for America. We are looking for interested debaters for the topics above and we are always open to new topics from our community!

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