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Vite Bi-weekly Report

July 1–15, 2021

Project Updates

ViteBridge Tweet Thread Update from CEO Charles Liu

Vite Labs is hard at work on developing one of the key aspects of Vite 2.0, ViteBridge. As an update, Vite Labs CEO Charles Liu shared a bit of what is happening behind the scenes in developing this game-changing program. Check out his tweet thread below.

Updated iOS App Features Released, Android App Update On Its Way

Did you check out our CEO Charles Liu and CPO Blackey Hou’s tweet about our upcoming app update? Make sure you check out the tweets below. For our Android users, we haven’t forgotten about you. Both iOS and Android updates are on their way and we hope you’ll be pleased with all our improvements.

Key Activities

Vietnam Based Exchange VCC Lists VITE

We’re proud to announce VITE’s listing on Vietnam-based exchange VCC. VCC’s core competencies are heavily geared towards technology and user experience. Their aim is to provide users with a credible and transparent exchange users can trust and use in the long run, not short-term usage.

Next Vite AMA: July 22, 2021

Back by popular demand is our next AMA featuring Vite COO Richard Yan and Research Officer Wes Erikson who you might remember from his Vite Primer for Nano Holders Series (Part 1 and Part 2) and his Solidity++ Tutorials (Lesson 1and Lesson 2). Check out the tweet below and send your questions!

BEP-20 BUSD Now On ViteX

We’re excited to share that BEP-20 BUSD is available for deposits and withdrawals on ViteX. This began on July 7 so make sure you check it out on ViteX today.

On a related note, you can also swap Native VITE for BEP-20. Check out our tutorial here.

ViteX Featured On Gemini’s Cryptopedia

Renowned exchange and crypto entity Gemini featured our decentralized exchange ViteX in their Cryptopedia site. This site describes ViteX as follows:

The ViteX exchange matches transactions through smart contracts that run on-chain. The platform also completes order combinations and stores order books on-chain, along with exchange fee redemption. As such, all exchange activity is public, minimizing the risk of record tampering.

VITE Primer for NANO Holders Part 2 — Philosophy

Vite Labs Research Officer is back with Part 2 of his series: VITE Primer for NANO Holders. The focus of this edition is on philosophy. Check out Part 2 here, and make sure you catch up on Part 1 about technology here.

Vite Hackathon Comes To A Close

We received some great entries for our hackathon with Gitcoin. Our judges checking out all entries as we speak. Make sure you follow us on social media to find out the winners of our bounties.

Two Weeks of 5X Market Making as Mining Rewards from July 9th

You read that right, ViteX is offering two weeks of 5x Market Making as Mining Rewards with trading pairs VITE / BTC, VITE / ETH, and VITE / USDT. Make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity and learn more here.

Vite Support Our Korean Community

Vite Labs take great pride in our Vite Fleet all over the world and while the decision for Upbit to delist VITE was not easy for anyone involved, Vite is still going strong and we want to share that strength with our Korean users. Read Charles’s tweet thread below to learn more.

Earn up to 20% APY with VITE on Binance Savings

We have another great partnership promotion with Binance where users can earn up to 20% APY with Binance Savings. Learn more here.

Win $12K in VITE Through Binance

Our CPO Blackey Hou shared the tweet below for a chance to win $12K in VITE via Binance. Make sure you scan the QR codes below for your chance to win!

Check Out Our Latest #ViteBiweekly Video

Was our last Vite Bi-weekly Report on your TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) list? We got you covered. Check out this video with always awesome Vite Brand Ambassador Soraya Torrens and win a chance to score some VITE by answering our quiz. Good luck, Vite Fleet!

VITE Listed Once Again On GCrypto

We appreciate all the recognition from GCrypto as remaining a top decentralized exchange by price performance. We are proud of our team and our Vite Fleet for all the support.

Community Contributions and Shoutouts

Make Sure You Take Your Vitamins

Feeling down? Unhealthy? Not getting enough out of your crypto diet? Get your vitamins with Vitamin Coin. VITC is a healthy dose of memes, nutrition, and literally 1 billion coins. Learn more here. Congrats to the team for releasing this fun coin that’s also good for you.

The ViNo Team Gateway in Testing Mode

Have you noticed some NANO popping up in ViteX? The Nano Vite Gateway team is hard at work on making NANO on ViteX a reality. Please be advised they are currently in testing mode and will release their full launch soon. Cheers to the ViNo team and best of luck on all their efforts.

VITE and VX Data

Full Nodes Data

Snapshot Block Producer Data




Vite is a lightning-fast blockchain where transactions incur zero fees. It is the world’s first DAG-based smart contract platform. Vite’s flagship DApp is ViteX, a truly trustless DEX deployed on the Vite chain.

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