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Vite Bi-weekly Report

May 16–31, 2022

Project Updates

Vuilder Connect Program

To assist our ecosystem project teams with their needs for more developers, Vite Labs is launching the Vuilder Connect Program. Vite Labs will leverage its own platform and outreach to connect qualified developers with these teams through this program. Learn more about the program here.

iOS Vite App v4.3.0 Is Here

The iOS Vite App v4.3.0 is here! We’ve optimized many functions to make it faster and smoother. We also added an auto-receive function, Spanish language support, and the fiat currencies of Ukraine and India. Update or download our updated app in the App Store today.

Vite Desktop Wallet v1.6.7 Released

Vite desktop wallet version 1.6.7 has been released, you can download the latest version here.

Potential New Projects or Tools

When we go through all the submissions over the last year, we realize there is another special category of submissions that is overlooked but extremely valuable to the Vite ecosystem. These are winning bounty submissions that have never been launched or utilized by our community.

We have compiled a list here to highlight their importance. It is our hope that our community of ecosystem vuilders will see their value and keep building on them and eventually launch them as useful projects or tools.

A Letter to the LUNAtics

Dear LUNAtics,

We are sorry for what happened. If you are still drifting in space, may we entice you to land on Vite? We are the Zero Gas Layer-1. Read more here.

Key Activities

VITE Listed On Binance.US

We are excited to share that VITE is officially in the US — Binance.US. Users can trade VITE/USD and VITE/USDT and buy VITE via bank transfer (ACH), debit card, or wire transfer.

Vite Labs Heading to Consensus 2022

Next week, Vite will be at Consensus 2022. Make sure you stop by booth 341 for some swag and to connect with our team. Here are a few tweets from some of our team members to get you ready for our visit to Austin, Texas for this massive crypto event.

We are also holding a side “DeFi Retreat” event with a few other notable partners, so sign up here for that experience with the info in the tweet below.

Great Ready for VITE at the GR14 Hackathon

Get ready to vuild again. We are sponsoring the upcoming GR14 Hackathon on Gitcoin! More about this iniaitive can be found here. Also, check out our bounties below:

  1. NFT Marketplace Contracts ($3000 in VITE)
  2. Joint Account Frontend ($3000 in VITE)
  3. DAO Governance Tool ($5000 in VITE)

AMA With Magic Square

We recently promoted and held a Vite Community AMA with Magic Square. Magic Square at its core simplifies crypto by creating the first community-driven crypto app store. Users can discover dApps, CeFi and #DeFi, #NFTs, #Games, and much more in one place with an intuitive design. Check out the tweets below and listen to a recording of the AMA.

Market-making as Mining for VICAT/VITE on ViteX

Market-making as mining is coming to VICAT/VITE trading pair on ViteX! Read more about it here.

Send Us Your Content, Earn VITE

If you have content to share about #Vite, email your work to for review. Your content must be educational, helpful, and not price-related. You may earn Vite for your work! Remember that Vite is global. Your content can be in any language. Good luck!

Community Contributions and Shoutouts

Vuilder DAO Calling All Devs and Bounty Winner

Calling all Front End devs! It’s Time to #vuild on the Bridge Swap! Vuilder DAO’s latest bounty can be found here.

Speaking on VuilderDAO, they just shared the latest winner for the smart contract portion of the Token Drip Vault Bounty.

Viterium Beta Updates

It is now possible to create or import multiple wallets. Just hit the Logout / Switch Wallet button to get to the Wallets Selection Screen. Just don’t forget to backup all Secret Phrases.

VITE and VX Data

Full Nodes Data

Snapshot Block Producer Data



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