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Vite Bi-weekly Report

Dec 1–15, 2021

Project Updates

ViteBridge 0.1 Testnet Is Here

ViteBridge is our grand vision for a universal and decentralized cross-chain protocol and we released ViteBridge 0.1 on the Vite Testnet. This marks the first milestone of achieving that grand vision. There are two ways you can participate:

  1. Follow the ViteBridge 0.1 Testnet Tutorial and test out the functionality.
  2. Bug bounty on our code. More details here.

Read all about it here. and check out our video tutorial below.

ViteX Gateway Incentive Plan

To increase user participation and the degree of decentralization on the ViteX exchange, we are rolling out a brand new ViteX Gateway Incentive Plan. The purpose of this plan is to incentivize the creation and sound maintenance of more gateways on ViteX. As such, we have designed a fair and robust mechanism to reward good practice and discourage bad practice. To apply, please go to our Discord server and express your interest in the dao-talk channel.

BEP-20 USDT Now on ViteX

You spoke, we listened, and it’s here. As of December 13th, Our Vite Gateway listed BEP-20 USDT on our DEX, ViteX, for deposits and withdrawals.

Help Us Make A Walkthrough Video About The Vite App

We are looking for an awesome creator to help us make a video about our growing (see below) Vite App. If you have the skills and would be up for an award of 2500 VITE for the best project, make sure you write us. More details are below.

Vite App Users Are Growing

Our Chief Product Officer shared a tweet about our growth over November through early January. If you aren’t on our make sure you download it here.

We’re On Twitch!

That’s right, we will soon stream more live videos on Twitch. What do you think we will stream here next? What should we stream on our new channel? Make sure you follow us here.

Key Activities

Vite Runner Hackathon Kickoff with Gitcoin

The Vite Runner Hackathon is off and running, and to mark this occasion, Vite COO Richard Yan gave a presentation on Vite and our bounties for our “Vuidlers”. Check out the Tweet thread below for a full recap.

ViteX Telegrams AMA’s with VINU and VITC

This December, our ViteX Telegram holds two AMA’s in a month! The VINU AMA was held on December 14th and the VITC AMA will be on December 19th — both with airdrops galore. If you missed out on the VINU AMA, make sure you check out the VITC one with the poster below.

VITE Vs. NANO Chess Tournament Underway

We are can’t wait to mark the holidays with our upcoming December chess tournament. We want to thank the members of the VITE and VITC Community for helping us pull this together.

The date and exact time for the tournament are coming soon, but if you are a fan of VITE or NANO and are ready to put your chess skills to the battle, sign up here:

Team Vite:, Password:“ViteDag”

Team Nano:, Password:“NanoDag”

Check Out Our Latest #ViteBiweekly Report

We are back with a new #ViteBiweekly with a recap of everything during the last two weeks of November and an opportunity to win 500 VITE. Make sure you watch the report in full and like and subscribe for more reports. We also want to share a special shoutout for our latest #ViteBiweekly winner.

New Listings On GCrypto, TAG Ventures, Harmony Daily, and CryptoDEP

As we grow our network, we want to take a moment to share some recognition that’s come our way from a few key rankings in the crypto space. We’ll keep working hard to “vuidl” better, stronger, and faster.

Community Contributions and Shoutouts

Viva On The Mainnet

Congrats to Viva for their Mainnet and all their achievements in their staking. As of the newsletter, they have already staked more than 5M VITE.

New Gateway DAO on Vite: XGate

Shoutout to XGate for recently releasing their roadmap and getting their Gateway DAO up and running. Be on the lookout for their PAW integration happening this month!

VITE and VX Data

Full Nodes Data

Snapshot Block Producer Data




Vite is a lightning-fast blockchain where transactions incur zero fees. It is the world’s first DAG-based smart contract platform. Vite’s flagship DApp is ViteX, a truly trustless DEX deployed on the Vite chain.

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