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Vite Bi-weekly Report

Sept 16–30, 2022

Project Updates

ViteBridge v0.1 Connected with Aurora on Testnet, Vite Passport Also Added

Our team is hard at work building ViteBridge and we are excited to announce that ViteBridge v0.1 is now connected with Aurora on testnet! Also, users can choose to test our ViteBridge v0.1 with wallets that support ViteConnect or use our official browser extension Vite Passport.

Don’t Forget — Get Vite Passport Today

In our last Vite Bi-weekly, we shared the news about Vite Passport, the official wallet extension from Vite Labs. With this extension you can:

  1. Create/Import a Vite wallet
  2. Send/Receive funds
  3. Connect to third-party applications via the injected vitePassport API
  4. View account transaction history
  5. Switch/Add networks
  6. Derive/Switch accounts from the same mnemonics

Add the Vite Passport to your browser from the Chrome Web Store here.

Key Activities

Dev Office Hour

Our team hosted another Dev Office Hour on our Discord general-dev channel led by one of our very own talented devs, Mike, on September 27th. This marks our second Dev Office Hour. We highlighted some of the subjects covered in the Reddit post below.

ETHW Airdrop

Did you hold ETH-000 at the time of the Ethereum Merge? If so, make sure you add the ETHW-000 token to your wallet and you should have received the same amount of ETHW-000 as your ETH-000 holding at the Merge time. Deposits and withdrawals of ETHW will be opened at a later time. Hope you enjoyed the airdrop!

Community and Ecosystem Contributions and Shoutouts


Community member imalfect developed a payment system for Vite called VitePay. VitePay is free to use, and doesn’t contain any fees! Check it out here.

Vita Inu Team Debuts VINUSwap, VINUPay

The Vita Inu team debuted a new dApp for their project, VINUSwap. For updates on this new DEX, follow them on Twitter @VINU_Swap. They also debuted a sneak peek of their VINUPay website. Check it out below and follow them on Twitter @vinupay.

VITE & VX Data

Full Nodes Data

Snapshot Block Producer Data



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