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Vite Bi-weekly Report

Sept 1–15, 2021

Project Updates

Creating A Tech Stack For Vite NFTs: A Simple Proposal

Many Vite community builders have inquired about ways to develop a Vite-based platform that enables minting, auction, and trading of NFTs. This document outlines one approach that seems sensible to the Vite Labs team.

New Android App Update

We just updated the Vite App for Android and the updates are fire:

  1. New language support — Filipino, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Spanish
  2. Developers can scan QR codes to link VS code and deploy contracts

Trade VITE on Sushiswap

Users can now trade VITE on Sushiswap. Just search for it and begin trading away.

First SBP DAO On Vite: Vitamin Coin

After our internal review, Vite Labs has decided to sponsor Vitamin Coin a Snapshot Block Producer of their own. We are excited to announce that it is now officially live and running. Just head to the SBP list webpage and find their SBP under the name VitaminCoinSBP. Read more about this great news here.

Key Activities

New VITE Listing: WazirX

Did you see Charles’ tweet about a small surprise?

If you guessed VITE listing on WazirX, well done. Be on the lookout for more on this listing, our partnership, and Vite global strategy very soon.

In the meantime, for our Indian #ViteFleet, make sure you join our Vite India Community on Telegram here.

“Buidl On Vite” Hackathon: Judges, Bounties, and Tutorials

The “Buidl on Vite Hackathon” is happening now. Hopefully, you read about it in our article here. We have some excellent judges on deck, each returning from the success of our last hackathon. See our Tweet thread here:

We also can’t forget about the bounties:

  1. NFT Ecosystem ($7,500 in VITE)
  2. Metamask Browser Extension ($7,500 in VITE)
  3. DeFi Application ($5,000 in VITE)
  4. Vite Twitter Tipbot ($5,000 in VITE)
  5. Open Task (Up to $20,000 in VITE)

Finally, members of our Vite team including Vite COO Richard Yan, Research Officer Wes Erickson, and Marketing Manager Joel Yang presented at the hackathon kickoff event and Wes led some workshops. Watch them all below.

Hackathon Kick-Off Event Video Tweet Thread:

Solidity++ dApp Development Workshops

Vite Insights #6: The NFT Avatar Craze

As a part of our team’s continuous research into the blockchain and crypto world, we recently released a new Vite Insights blog post about some of the top NFT Avatars in the space. Check out our list here.

CoinEx AMA with Vite COO Richard Yan Recap

Did you miss Richard’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) with CoinEx — our latest major listing? Don’t fret. Read all about it here.

We’re Back With Market-Making As Mining Rewards With VITE

Here’s another great opportunity to earn some extra VX by trading VITE/BTC, VITE/ETH, and VITE/USDT for Market-Making as Mining Rewards. Learn more here.

Check Out The Latest #ViteBiweekly

Another fortnight, another #ViteBiweekly with Vite Labs Ambassador Soraya Torrens. Make sure you answer the quiz to score some VITE!

Binance Savings: Get More APY On VITE

Binance users, gain some APY on VITE through Binance Savings. Check out their Tweet below and get more VITE today.

Additional Critical Recognition For Vite

We are back on CryptoDep, GCrypto, and HC Research lists as a top project. Check out the tweets below. Many thanks to all three entities for the recognition.

Community Contributions and Shoutouts

Vitamin Coin Reaches Key Milestones

In addition to the SBP DAO news above, shoutout to the Vitamin Coin crew for making it to 1,000 holders and their meme coin feature with the popular Satoshi Club.

Our Latest #ViteBiweekly Winner

A big shout out to the latest winner of the #ViteBiweekly. Make sure you send this fine community member your congrats. Maybe you will be our next winner?

VITE and VX Data

Vite Ecosystem Snapshot

Full Nodes Data

Snapshot Block Producer Data



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