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Nov 16–30, 2020

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Project Updates

Vite App

  • Vite iOS App v3.9.0 is under development. In this version, we will support native Bitcoin wallet. We have finished the BTC address derivation module and in-wallet details page, and it is expected to be launched at the end of December. Users can use the same mnemonic phrase to store BTC, ETH, and Vite, all in the Vite app.
  • Vite Android App v3.8.0 has also come into the last development stage. The core functions have been done, and it is expected to start testing next week and be released in early December. The functions of this version are consistent with iOS 3.8.0, which improves the layout of the asset page and add the “Asset” tab.
  • At the same time, we removed the extra H5 trading and asset management page and optimized the text display for automatic staking on the dividend page.

Community Development Efforts

The full node explorer developed by the community has been launched. Users can now query full node status including the node name, uptime, IP address and version by entering the Vite address and cycle number. We recommend all node operators to use this tool.
Vite Full Node Explorer:
Source Code:

Recent Milestones

Vite Developer Committee Begins Formation

On November 25, Vite released the information on the formation of the developer committee, recruiting developers from the community where the committee will jointly manage the Vite ecosystem fund together with the Vite team and community developers to build and govern the Vite developer ecosystem.

The Vite Foundation will invest at least 500,000 VITE every month to establish the Vite Developer Fund, which is managed by the Vite Developer Committee and welcomes community developers to actively join.

The first meeting of the Vite Developer Committee will be held at 23:00 (UTC+8) on December 3, 2020. Here’s the Discord group for the Vite Techies Club:

Technical Articles Sharing

On November 18th, we released the technical article: “Detailed Explanation of Vite Storage Layer Design — StateDB System Design,” which described at length the design principle and implementation form of the StateDB system.

To support a fast rollback operation, StateDB implemented multiple versions and the kv data of each version will be associated with the corresponding snapshot height so that when the snapshot is rolled back, it can be restored to the target height very quickly.

VITE Listed On Cryptoland Exchange

On November 27th, VITE was launched on the Cryptoland exchange, opening VITE/BTC and VITE/USDT trading pairs. We invite all users to experience this platform.

Direct link to Cryptoland Exchange: https://cryptoland com/en/exchange

Certain VX Trading Pairs Temporarily Reward 10x for Mining by Market-Making

From November 16th at 3:00 pm to November 23rd at 3:00 pm (UTC+8), market-mining for VX/BTC, VX/VITE, VX/ETH, VX/USDT trading pairs will see a 10x boost in mining rewards.

ViteX Burn, Staking, and Dividend Data

Learn about mining and dividends on ViteX:


The Blockchain Debate Podcast

Vite COO Richard Yan is about to release a new episode of The Blockchain Debate Podcast. The topic is: Legally speaking, tokens are more like commodity than security. The US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed the Howey Test for the definition of a token, and some in the industry believe that because the attributes of the token are similar to that of precious metals, it should be regulated by the commodity legal framework, not the security legal framework. The show’s guests are two well-known blockchain lawyers, Gabriel Shapiro and Lewis Cohen.

This podcast is a channel for Vite Labs to connect with thought leaders in the industry.

You can listen here:

Follow Richard on Twitter at

Follow the podcast on Twitter at

Reimagine 2020 Appearance

Our COO Richard was a guest on the Reimagine 2020 conference for blockchain accelerator Mouse Belt and shared information about Vite’s technology, the characteristics of the ViteX exchange, and the evolution of money.



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