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Vite Bi-weekly Report

Oct 16–31, 2021

Project Updates

Ecosystem Projects List Released

Our Marketing Lead Joel Yang released this article which contains a full listing of Vite projects happening now in our ecosystem. The projects include:

  • Vitamin Coin
  • ViNo
  • Vite Pool
  • Vite Together (more on this in “Community Contributions and Shoutouts”)
  • Immutable Notes
  • Quota Bank
  • NFTs
  • Browser Extensions
  • Block Explorers
  • Twitter Tipbots

We are truly in a “Vuilder” renaissance when it comes to community developers building on Vite. Make sure you read the article above to learn more about each of these projects.

Vite App Updated For iOS

We released our updated Vite App for iOS with version is 4.2.0. Featured updates include:

  • New currencies.
  • Ability to change password.
  • More user-friendly display of Open Orders / Order History.
  • Users can set URLs for running POW.

Check out the screenshots below and make sure you download our app at

Key Activities

#BuidlOnVite Hackathon Winners Announced

We want to share our congrats to all winners and participants in our recent hackathon. Here are the winners!

Please note: there are more viable submissions to our bounties that have not been included as winners this time. We are giving these “vuilders” more time to work on their projects, which may result in payouts and user adoption in the future.

Halloween Meme Contest

We released a meme contest and while we were spooked by what we saw, it’s hard not to enjoy the creativity of our community. Check out the tweet below and enjoy all the memes.

Vite India Release Diwali Contest, Giveaways Up to 4000 VITE

Our work in India cannot be stopped. Check out this great contest for our ViteFleet celebrating Diwali — the festival of lights.

Earn APY On VITE With Binance Savings

Our partners at Binance released another great opportunity to earn APY in VITE via Binance Savings. Learn more about it here.

Vite Listed In Key Rankings

Many thins to GCrypto, Cryptolaxy, CryptoDep for recognizing us in their rankings. See how Vite shapes up in their tweets below.

Our Newest #ViteBiweekly Is Out

Vite Brand Ambassador Soraya Torrens is back with a new episode of our #ViteBiweekly. Don’t forget to answer our quiz for a chance to will 500 VITE. Good luck and enjoy!

Community Contributions and Shoutouts

Announcing ViteTogether

ViteTogether is a new developer group. Want to optimize your voting rewards on Vite? Or participate in a Vite-based no-loss lottery? ViteTogether is developing fast, feeless, gasless community voting pools. Follow them on Twitter @ViteTogether.

Staking Pools Preview

Props to community member niklr for sharing a preview of staking pools in the Vite network. Many users have been asking about this and we hope that this will be a hit with our #ViteFleet.

VITC Lists On ViteX with VITE / VITC Pair

Health is wealth. Congrats to VITC for listing on ViteX with the new VITE / VITC pair. In Vitamin Coin fashion, they celebrated with an awesome party on 10/24 on their always fun Discord Channel. Congrats!

VITE / BAN Pair On ViteX

Let’s raise yet another glass to our ViNo team for listing the VITE / BAN Pair on ViteX. DAGs Unite!

ViNo is Hiring

Are you a coder looking to make some extra income? Check out the tweet below from ViNo and apply today.

Our Latest #ViteBiweekly Winner

Congrats to our latest winner, enjoy trading with an additional 500 VITE!

Have won your 500 VITE yet? If not, don’t fret, we have another #ViteBiweekly out with another chance to win so make sure you check out the Key Activities section above for the latest video.

VITE and VX Data

Full Nodes Data

Snapshot Block Producer Data



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