Vite Bi-Weekly Report

December 16–31, 2018

System Development


  • Completed development of Vite Android App. We performed testing with a small group on Dec 25, 2018, and the app went live on Dec 28.
  • The Discovery page of the Vite iOS App is undergoing design and development. The Discovery page will feature a variety of reward activities.
  • Implementing push notification feature for the Vite iOS App.
  • On Dec 28, the ability to convert from ERC20 to TestNet token became available on Vite’s Web wallet.
  • 40% of the SDK for Vite wallet has been completed.

Block Explorer

  • Full node information is now available. One can review the distribution and status for Vite full nodes.


  • Smart contract language Solidity++ is in internal testing phase. We plan to release the language for public testing in Q1 2019.
  • The ERC20-to-TestNet conversion is live.
  • go-vite v1.1.2 has been released. Features include optimization of startup logging, and stats for delays in node propagation.

The new went live on Dec 18. Features include:

  • More comprehensive and vivid explanations of Vite.
  • Enhanced descriptions of the Vite Labs team.
  • Updated roadmap with significant acceleration of release schedules.


  • Completed development and testing of internal smart contract 0.1. Completed analysis of requirements for version 0.2. Began design and implementation of the system.
  • Completed design of backend services and began implementation.

Community Development in China

  • Rating Token provided an analysis of the technical strength and market performance of Vite. The report affirmed the strong engineering capabilities of Vite Labs.
  • We released a second round of quiz campaign between Dec 19 and 22. Participants that answer all ten questions correctly win 20,000 VCP.
  • Between Dec 20 and Jan 10, we conducted a New Year’s bounty campaign that rewards any conversion of VITE into the TestNet.
  • Between Dec 24 and 26, we conducted a campaign to encourage posting in Vite forum. Users enter their Vite addresses in their profile and are rewarded as they post comments in the forum.
  • As of Dec 21, 70 million ERC20 tokens have been converted into TestNet tokens.

International Community Development

  • On Dec 16, Forbes released an article mentioning the advantages of Vite’s DAG technology. The article was written by senior blockchain consultant Yoav Vliner.
  • On Dec 26, Vite Labs silicon valley team tweeted their holiday wishes 🎄
  • On Dec 25, Vite Labs released summary of an interview with SwissVite, one of our Snapshot Block Producers. SwissVite consists of a five-person team and is headquartered in Geneva. We appreciate the enthusiasm and high hopes expressed by the founder of SwissVite in the interview!

External Communications

  • On Dec 26, Head of Operations Tong Wang represented Vite CEO Charles Liu in attending the all-hands meeting of the Board of Directors at the China Blockchain Application Research Center.







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