Vite Bi-weekly Report

Dec 16–31, 2019

Khun Sir
Khun Sir
Jan 4 · 2 min read

Recent Milestones

In December 2019, the Vite Android Wallet started to support GRIN. Users can make GRIN transactions in Vite Android Wallet now.

On December 19, ViteX opened XRP/BTC, EOS/BTC trading as mining, and PEG/BTC pair market-making as mining.

On December 19th, ViteX referral as mining was updated. Add-on rules can be viewed at:

On December 24, Vite formed a strategic partnership with TROY, a global broker specialized in crypto trading and asset management. The two parties will jointly discover the safe and efficient solution for DAG-related technology for decentralized trading and clearing process.

On December 25, Vite Labs opened the WAVES/BTC trading pair, and started trading as mining and market-making as mining.

On December 30, VX allocation of market-making as mining were upgraded. Instead of each market (BTC, ETH, VITE and USDT) being weighted equally at 2.5%, the adjusted market allocations are: BTC market — 5%, ETH market — 1.5%, VITE market — 1.5%, USDT market — 2% of daily VX amount.

System Developments


Vite Wallet App

ViteX Exchange


Hardware Wallet

Vite Labs

Official blog for Vite, a new-generation public blockchain

Khun Sir

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Khun Sir

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Vite Labs

Vite Labs

Official blog for Vite, a new-generation public blockchain

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