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Vite Bi-weekly Report

Mar 16–31, 2022

Project Updates

Website Update Completed

In our last report, we gave a sneak peek of some of the updates planned for our website. Those updates are now complete, so make sure you check them out at

Vite Labs Announces New Advisor, Ciara Sun

As Vite grows, so do our supporters. We are honored to announce one of our new advisors to Vite who will bring tremendous power to our team, Ciara Sun! Ciara is a very familiar personality in the crypto world, she is the founder and Managing Director of C² Ventures and Former Head of Listing and Blockchain at Huobi Global. We’re excited to 🏃🏻‍♂️with Ciara and learn from her expertise in ecosystem expansion, growth strategy, and marketing!

Here’s a photo of Ciara with our COO, Richard Yan at Binance Blockchain Week 2022 in Dubai.

Welcome to the Team, Missie

We’re excited to announce another new member, Missie, to our Vite Team. Missie will be our Business Operations Lead with a primary focus on ViteX development. Missie has a background in project management, e-commerce, and architectural design. Welcome to the team, Missie!

Solidity++ Updates

Key Activities

Vite Labs Sponsoring Consensus 2022 & Get Your Discount

Vite is officially a sponsor at this year’s Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas, hosted by Coindesk. Make sure you stop by and say hi if you are coming.

If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, feel free to use our 25% discount code (rKgXE6md) when purchasing your passes.

Vuilder Hackathon Concludes with 26 Entries

We just wrapped up another successful Vuilder Hackathon thanks to our partners at Gitcoin as a part of their Grants Round 13 Hackathon. We had 26 entries into our hackathon. Details can be found in the tweet thread below.

Interview with CryptoJobsList

Our COO Richard Yan met with CryptoJobsList on Twitter Spaces to give an overview of Vite Labs, our open roles, and what it is like to be on the Vite Labs team. If you missed out on the live session, check out the tweet below for the recording.

And don’t forget, we are still hiring!

Interview with Crypto Coin Show

Crypto Coin Show met with Richard to speak about our Layer 1 protocol, our DAG consensus and solutions, ViteX, VITEcoin and staking, and our roadmap. Check out the full video on YouTube below.

Community Contributions and Shoutouts

Community Project Page

Along with our website update, we developed a new page that lists out all our Vite ecosystem community projects here. Looking forward to seeing who will be next on this list!

Vite Block Explorer Released

A new Vuilder explorer is out and you can find it at

VITE and VX Data

Full Nodes Data

Snapshot Block Producer Data




Vite is a lightning-fast blockchain where transactions incur zero fees. It is the world’s first DAG-based smart contract platform. Vite’s flagship DApp is ViteX, a truly trustless DEX deployed on the Vite chain.

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