Vite Bi-weekly Report

September 1–15 2018

Overall progress

In the first two weeks of September, our team continued to expand. 5 new people joined our team with a total of more than 30. We plan to release the web version of the wallet and iOS client before October, and we plan to release Testnet 0.1 in mid-October.


Vite Beijing Team

5 new employees in the Beijing office

  • 1 Senior Product Manager
  • 2 back-end engineers responsible for DEX and cross-chain gateway development
  • 1 iOS engineer
  • 1 front-end engineer

At present, the Vite team has a total of 32 people, including 23 in the engineering team. Among the 32 team members, 28 are in the Beijing office and 4 in the Silicon Valley office.

Vite Silicon Valley Team

System & Product Development


  • The new P2P network module is finished, which realizes more efficient block synchronization mode, effectively supports “network hole-punching”, and adopts a “push-pull combination” block data synchronization scheme.
  • The Vite virtual machine and the Solidity++ compiler have been initially implemented. The virtual machine unit test has been improved, and important functions such as super node registration and voting have been completed.
  • Consensus mechanism module completes reconstruction and performance pressure measurement.
  • Finished the development and testing of the new version of the ledger module, including: VMDB for storing contract data, compression of data files, local storage modules, etc.

Vite Block Explorer V0.1.0

  • New features include: TPS data, recent transaction data, currency user rankings, transaction analysis, DAG ledger visualization. This version has been developed and is undergoing testing. It is expected to go live before October.
Vite Block Explorer
Search Result Display

Web Wallet V0.1.0

  • The main features of this version include: creating accounts with mnemonics, viewing multiple currencies, collection of funds, transfer of funds, viewing of transaction records, and others. The web wallet is currently under development and expected to go live before October.
Web Wallet

Vite iOS App V1.0.0

  • Vite Mobile Wallet is a standard HD mobile wallet that provides easier digital asset management. The main features of this version include: wallet account generation, multi-currency viewing, collection, transfer, transaction history, system settings, and more. It is currently under development and expected to be released in early October.

Vite Store

  • To test the Vite-based payment function and activate community engagement, we have planned a new product line, the Vite Store. The store will mainly sell Vite merchandise, and the payment will be processed with the Vite test network.
  • After the Vite Test Network 0.1 is released, we will release a “Vite Credit” token on the test network. This new token is different from the VITE token on the test network. This new token can be used to redeem merchandise on the Vite Store (for select countries and regions only).
  • Users can earn “Vite Credit” tokens by participating in community events, and these tokens can be transferred freely on the Vite test network. Through acquiring, transferring, and consuming these tokens, community members can test the Vite Testnet in real-world scenario.

Operations and Community Building

Richard (COO of Vite) with BlockchainBrad
  • Design and production of Vite products: Custom T-shirts for community administrators will be sent in succession. The ViteStore, which showcases gifts around Vite, is also under construction. It is expected to meet with you around October, and you can participate in the event or buy it directly.
Products in ViteStore
  • Nanothings Campaign: We created a T-shirt campaign in conjunction with to spread awareness as well as to promote the use of the Vite technology as a form of payment. Vite’s payment technology is inspired by Nano’s block-lattice and Vite would love to engage more with the Nano community. Anyone who buys the Vite Snapshot T-shirt from the store with Nano Currency will also receive airdropped Vite tokens! Here’s the link to the T-shirt:
Snapshot T-shirt


  • On September 4th, CEO Liu Chunming, as a standing director, participated in the 15th Blockchain Forum held by China Blockchain Application Research Center to exchange views on the regulatory development and self-regulation of China’s blockchain and digital currency. The document “Regulations on the Self-discipline of the Blockchain Application Industry” was issued at the meeting.
  • On September 8, the Founders World Congress was held in San Francisco. Vite Labs COO Richard was interviewed by Starfish Mission, a blockchain accelerator during the conference.
  • On September 11th, Vite investor, UniValues founder Steven Li visited the Vite Beijing office. The two parties exchanged the latest developments of the Vite project and industry trends.
  • On September 13th, COO Richard and business development manager Chris participated in the block expo in Silicon Valley. They had in-depth discussions with teams interested in developing dApp based on Vite.
Richard in the Interview