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Dec 1–15, 2020

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Project Updates

Vite App

  • Vite iOS App v3.9.0 (supporting native BTC wallet) is in the final testing stage and will be released in 2 weeks. In this release, users can use the same mnemonic phrase to store BTC, ETH, and Vite, all in the Vite app.
  • Vite Android App v3.8.0 (new Asset layout) will be released next week. A new “Asset” tab is introduced to improve digital assets management.

Community Development

A new iOS widget has been developed by a community member named Moe. The tool will check full node status on an iOS device. Moe is also a Vite Developer Committee member.

The source code and documentation can be found here: to preview

Recent Milestones

Vite Developer Committee List Announced

On December 3rd, global developers from the Vite community convened for a kickoff meeting of the Vite Developer Committee. The video meeting focused on questions regarding the formation of the Vite Developer Committee, the election of its members, and funding allocation for developers. After the meeting, the Vite community can review the meeting’s contents, developer profiles, and vote to elect members of the first developer committee.

List for non-China members of the committee:

Replay of the kickoff meeting:

Vite Developer Committee Formation Announcement:

VITE Listed On The SimpleSwap Exchange

On December 11th, VITE tokens were launched on SimpleSwap exchange, and BTC/VITE, ETH/VITE trading pairs were opened. Check out the exchange by visiting the link below.

SimpleSwap Exchange:

ViteX Exchange

From November 26th to December 3rd, ViteX opened the IDNA/BTC trading pair three times pending order mining activity, participation during the event for IDNA/BTC trading pair pending order mining, and under the same conditions, you can get three times the reward of VX tokens.

Second Batch Of Hidden Trading Pairs on ViteX

After fully communicating with operators, ViteX announced the second batch of hidden trading pairs on December 8th on the ViteX Exchange Official Website. The website and app will hide items with inactive transactions, and hidden trading pairs will not be on the official website and App. Related assets are still controlled by users through their private keys, and security will not be affected.

Second Batch of Hidden Trading Pairs Announcement:

ViteX Burn Rate, Staking, and Dividend Data


COO Richard Yan and Director of Engineering Allen Liu hosted a community AMA live video.

Attendees shared key topics such as the Vite 2.0 technical structure, the operation of the Vite Developer Committee, and plans for potential VX listing on other exchanges. Check out the full video here:

COO Richard Yan is about to release a new episode of “The Blockchain Debate Podcast.” This episode is about whether Bitcoin will become a store of value. Although this is an old topic, now that Bitcoin has reached a new high and institutional investors are flocking to it, speculation of Bitcoin’s future has once again become a topic in mainstream finance.

The guests of the debate are Jorge Stolfi and Lyn Alden. Jorge is a well-known computer scholar in Brazil and voiced doubts regarding Bitcoin; and Lyn is an American asset management practitioner, macroeconomic researcher, and Bitcoin supporter.

This podcast also serves as a channel for Vite Labs to connect and brainstorm with thought leaders in the industry. Listen here:

Also, follow Richard on Twitter:

Also follow the official Twitter for the Blockchain Debate podcast here:

Blockchain accelerator Mouse Belt also interviewed Richard at their “Reimagine 2020” conference. Richard shared a forecast of the blockchain industry and Vite’s recent developments. Check out Richard’s remarks here:



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