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Vite Bi-weekly Report

May 1–15, 2021

Project Updates

Android Vite App Updates Coming Soon

The latest Android version of the Vite App is under development and set to release soon. Here are all the updates:

  • Users can see the name of their current chain when they withdraw cross-chain to prevent users from sending crypto to the wrong chain and losing their assets.
  • Node-switching is also added in this version, allowing users to add and use their own node links on the settings page.
  • We also polished all the content language, revised asset calculation logic, and cleaned any current bugs.
  • The ViteX gateway has been optimized where the user’s token address will be updated. Here we remind users to confirm their address when exchanging crypto.

Vite Community Adding More Language Support to ViteX

In our last biweekly report, we shared an update about the addition of Russian and Turkish to ViteX. We are happy to share that our community is also working on translating ViteX into three more languages, bringing our total to five languages. Find out which ones in the Tweet below.

REMINDER: Community Development Task — VitePay

Vite’s public chain facilitates fast transactions with zero fees and is naturally well suited for payments. We want a more robust interface for VITE checkouts that e-commerce platforms can readily adopt — and we are inviting community developers to build it. Learn more about how you can participate and receive a bounty of 1500 USDT or equivalent amount in VITE for your efforts here.

We’re Hiring!

Vite is hiring for the following roles:

New Video Biweekly Report: #ViteBiweekly, Welcome Vite Brand Ambassador Soraya Torrens

Our Biweekly Reports are getting longer and to serve as a complement to our action-packed reports, we are adding a new #ViteBiweekly which you can always view at Vite Labs Official YouTube Channel.

We also want to welcome our newest Vite Brand Ambassador Soraya Torrens to the team. Check out her video from our early April report above and make sure you like and subscribe to our channel for more of Soraya.

Key Activities

New Partnership Announcement: Vite x Harmony

We are excited to announce that Vite Labs and Harmony are deepening our partnership to bring cross-chain solutions to a whole new level!

Since the inception of our partnership with Harmony, both of our communities have seen tremendous growth. We are both dedicated to developing cross-chain solutions and fostering collaboration among different blockchains. With a shared vision, it is a natural progression for us two projects to continue down the path we have started. Click here to learn more about this partnership.

“ONE” Week Market Making As Mining Rewards with Harmony

To mark our new partnership, a weeklong special event was held for users to receive 10X market-making as mining rewards for trading pair ONE/BTC on ViteX! The campaign ran from 15:00 (UTC+8) May 8, 2021, through 15:00 (UTC+8) May 15, 2021. Head to this link for more details.

#ViteFleet YouTube Campaign

Attention, ViteFleet on YouTube! To support our ecosystem on YouTube and educate newbies about VITE, VX, and ViteX, Vite Labs is launching a Community YouTube Stars Campaign to reward active and creative community members for their participation and contribution to Vite!

Starting May 7, 2021, we will select three members each week as the winners of this campaign. Each winner will be rewarded between 100–500 VITE based on video quality, the number of views, and channel size. Learn about how to qualify here, and we hope to see your videos soon.

“Vite vs.” Infographic Design Campaign

Vite Labs is inviting you to design an infographic poster highlighting the key differences between Vite and various popular blockchain networks. We are giving out 600VITE to the winner, 450VITE to the runner-up, and 300VITE to the third place. Learn more about the rule and how to participate here.

New Listing: Alchemist Coin

On Thursday, May 13, ViteX listed MIST on our exchange. Deposits and Withdrawals of MIST started at 15:00 (UTC+8) May 13, and trading of MIST/USDT started at 15:00 (UTC+8) May 14. Read more here.

Campaign for Korean Speaking Community Members

On May 6th, Vite launched a campaign for our Korean-speaking community. Interested in learning more? Check out more in the Tweet below.

InfStones Joins Vite As Snapshot Block Producer

Node service provider InfStones recently joined Vite as a Snapshot Block Producer (SBP). Learn more about this connection here.

Community Contributions and Shoutouts

Congrats to all #EarnWithVite Winners

Congratulations to our recent winners for your incredible #EarnWithVite posts! Check out the below Tweets and posts from our winners.

Nano Enthusiasts Now Running Vite SBP

Congratulations to several Nano enthusiasts now running a Vite SBP. Their SBP is aptly titled “ViNo”. The rewards will be shared with the Vite/Nano community. Let’s raise our glass and give our cheers to the team in the below Tweet!

Vite and VX Data



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