Vite Economic Model: Round 3 Vote Results!

Base Transaction Fee & ViteX Operator Role

Vite Editor
May 28 · 2 min read

Two weeks ago, we asked you to vote on two proposed changes (for more information regarding the changes, refer to our article here):

  1. Remove the tiered transaction fees in favor of a Base Transaction Fee of 0.2%
  2. Add a unique ViteX Operator role to our DEX

English voting link found here.
Chinese voting link found here.


We have compiled the votes — 92.42% of users support the proposed amendments and 7.58% of users opposed the proposed amendments.

Based on these results, the following changes will be made:

  • The tiered transaction fee system will be changed to a 0.2% Base Transaction Fee. Users will still be able to stake 10,000 VITE in order to reduce this Base Transaction Fee by 0.1%.
  • The ViteX Operator role will be officially added. Stay tuned for a future article with more information regarding this role!

Vite Labs

Official blog for Vite, a new-generation public blockchain

Vite Editor

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Vite Labs

Vite Labs

Official blog for Vite, a new-generation public blockchain

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