Vite Fan Club and Enrollment Event Information

The opportunity to earn Vite while supporting the project

What is it?

A small, dedicated and active community of Vite fans that support and promote the project.

How to Become a Member

  • By Invitation or Enrollment Event

Members must stake between 1,000 and 10,000 Vite (depending on how much you declare when you join).

An invitation was sent to people that won at least 1,000 Vite Tokens Quizzes during our past Community Rewards events.

  • Members will be added during Enrollment events

If the amount of Vite tokens in their wallet ever goes below the amount they choose, they are no longer part of the fan club.

To collect rewards for the month, you must maintain your stake for the entire month.

  • One membership per person — we reserve the right to do KYC to determine eligibility

How Fan Club Members Earn Tokens

  • At the beginning of each month, we will announce at least 1 guaranteed reward for completing a task (based on the % you stake)
  • Participation in exclusive bounties
  • Complete surveys and provide feedback
  • Vote for new members

Mid-September Enrollment Application

  • Fill out the application:
  • Members will vote on the top 3 applicants — those who are selected will receive an invitation to join the Fan Club AND win 1,000 Vite
  • Tips: start contributing NOW! You can use what activities you’re currently doing to promote Vite for this application or the one we will be publishing for October enrollment
  • Follow our Telegram Community Rewards Channel when we release information on future enrollment opportunities: